First place for ADRA Romania at the Civil Society Gala

First place for ADRA Romania at the Civil Society Gala

The winners of the Gala were selected from a total number of 166 projects and programs.

June 19, 2017 | Bucharest, Romania. | ADRA Romania, EUD NEWS.

On Monday, June 12, 2017, at the 15th edition of the Civil Society Gala which took place at the National Theater of Bucharest, ADRA Romania won the first prize for the project "Hope for Immigrants", in the section of "Projects and Volunteer Campaigns".

The President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, mentioned in the message addressed to the participants at the Civil Society Gala that non-governmental organizations have "a formidable capacity" in solving problems, thus representing an input of good changes in Romania.

”I congratulate the entire associative sector for the reliability and dedication with which it serves and defends the interests of people and communities. Also, I admire the way it has succeed many times to protect the vulnerable, but also the democracy, the constitutional state, forests and parks. There are an enormous numbers of people and associates who deserve my appreciation for dedicating themselves to helping families, women, children, persons with special needs, and those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Over time the civil society has managed to develop and organize itself by taking responsibility afore of the needs or problems. Those who are present at this event represent the engine of good change in Romania, through work and active engagement in communities, by being able to leave a positive mark on the lives of many people."

He assured that he will be open to NGO proposals and projects and he will facilitate the dialogue between state and society.

In the Civil Society Gala, were promoted and awarded the activities of the non-profit sector from Romania, it took place under the slogan "Thank you!". The gala was presented by Mr. Mircea Toma, and the over 700 representatives of the associative sector in Romania, representatives of the private sector and the public sector, academics, journalists, researchers, leaders and opinion formers of civil society and public figures, who were in the hall, supported and addressed the slogan of this year's Gala.

The winners of the Gala were selected from a total number of 166 projects and programs Registered in the competition, 152 projects and 14 programs, by a jury formed from specialists in project`s implementation and evaluation, researchers, sociologists, journalists, leaders and opinion formers of civil society and non-profit sector.

“Now when the presence of ADRA Romania on the highest podium is appreciated on such a scale in this great and anniversary event - 15 years of the Civil Society Gala - we can only thank you. It is a historical moment for us and we are excited! We are challenged and we are empowered for continuing to invest in the saving of our fellows, refugee who are undergoing difficult trials. We believe that ADRA interventions in the country and abroad will further make the difference between life and death. With this award that honors us, we want the ADRA motto "Changing the world, one life at a time!" to challenge everyone: start helping one refugee, but it starts! There is nothing more important in this world than investing in saving people. Those who will experience this lifestyle will agree and will resemble with the Founder of Christianity", said Robert Georgescu, Country Director of ADRA Romania.

"Because this year's slogan of the Civil Society Gala is" Thank you! ", I would like to thank, on this occasion, to all the volunteers who decided to invest a part of their time and abilities to comfort and bring smiles on the faces of those who have forgotten to smile because of the trials and cruelty they have faced. This award is dedicated to all volunteers who are alongside ADRA Romania in the project "Hope for immigrants" in the mission to change lives ", said Mihai Braşov ADRA Romania volunteer and project coordinator "Hope for Immigrants".

Established in 1990, ADRA Romania is part of the ADRA International Network, one of the most widespread nongovernmental organizations in the world, active in more than 130 countries and leading a philosophy that combines compassion with the practical spirit, for people in need, without making racial, ethnic, political or religious differences. ADRA Romania aims to improve the quality of life for those in need and invests in people's potential through community development initiatives focusing on five main directions: economic development, education and basic health, assisting the victims of domestic violence, assisting the victims of natural disasters, and assisting underprivileged social categories, being guided by the motto: Changing the world, one life at a time!"

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