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The Masterpiece: The Earth

Andreas Mazza (with the kind collaboration of Corrado Cozzi)

There was once a great artist who dreamed of creating the greatest masterpiece of his life. Thus, he invested all his energy, his passion, and his love into making his dream a reality.

With great care and patience, he worked and, day by day, his work began to take shape. After 6 days of intense work, he completed his masterpiece. Realizing that his work of art could appear too static and impersonal, he decided to add a final touch: a life force, the breath of life.

The love that he had sunk into completing his masterpiece, he now poured into the creatures in his masterpiece. And, thus, everything came to life. The masterpiece was perfect.

The earth was created perfectly, sublimely, magnificently. God, the Artist, could not have made a mistake; He did not make a mistake.

We are now in 2020 and the earth is suffering greatly. Pollution has marred every bit of its beauty, killed so many creatures, and destroyed ecosystems. The irresponsible actions of man and the abuse of Earth’s resources has left us with a planet with so many problems. According to some official scientific studies (United Nations, Intergovernmental panel on climate change), if there isn’t an abrupt stop to man’s irresponsible actions, this planet won’t survive past 2050 (

The recent spread of different viruses also shows us that the consumption of animal meat is becoming a dangerous extreme. Animals have become the main carriers of viruses on the planet. Not only the consumption but also the respect shown towards these creatures brings into question, in a substantial manner, the fate of our planet. It seems that vegetarianism and veganism are inevitable in the near future.


Yes, respect, a key concept for the resolution of the unending problems that assail us.

If we could all regain a natural sensitivity, that indisputably flows into respect towards creatures and the Creator, we could, without a doubt, reverse the course of self-destruction. If we could realize that life on Earth is interrupted due to a lack of respect that we have for one another other, our neighbor, and our Creator, then just maybe, we could get back a virtuous process focused on survival and sustainable development.

If we could all imagine the earth as a masterpiece of our Father, God, we would have more difficulty in spoiling it in such a violent and immoral fashion. Would anyone ever consider disfiguring Michelangelo’s Last Judgment or Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa? Why, then, are we willing to disfigure Earth, God’s masterpiece?


The recent worldwide lockdown, due to the coronavirus—also a product of man’s abuse and negligence—has shown us how the earth and ecosystems could benefit with rest from the industrial and economic activities of man. All it would need is 1 day a week or 1 month every year to reestablish the natural balance of things. If even God took a day of rest from His work of creating, why don’t we do so, too?


The recent developments in the digital world brings us a new and interesting reality. Can we entertain the notion that traditional manufacturing and production, which produce a major part of Earth’s pollution, could progressively leave space for digital business, which is eco-friendly and green? We take advantage of innovation to base our economies on renewable energies, digital work, elimination of oil and carbon emissions…on everything that damages the environment.

But, above all, we should remember that the most precious energy that we have, one that moves the entire universe, is love. If we act with love—towards the Creator, creatures, and creation—the earth cannot help but undertake a virtuous process of survival and development.

Personal responsibility

“As individuals, should we abandon ourselves to frustration? Is it a systemic problem that can only be resolved at the government level? No, every one of us can contribute to transforming this world. How? Through love and a passion for the environment, which—as long as it’s sincere—will be contagious; through choices made responsibly and consciously, which will change the micro-environments in which we find ourselves; through a personal contribution of choosing to adopt a strategy that allows us to intelligently acquire goods with zero waste; through responsible attention to using all the resources available to us; through sensitivity campaigns that are launched or in which we participate, especially via social networks. Never has there been a time in which the voice of one is so powerful as now. Let us remember that a few tweets have sometimes sparked real revolutions.

Respect, Rest, Relaunch, and Personal Responsibility: the 4 Rs that can change your world and the world. Believe in it, commit to it, and act on it!