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Revival & Reform

Bruno Vertallier

In the book of Ezekiel, chapter 47, we discover a wonderful lesson about revival, using the analogy of water.

This vision reminds us that the promises of the Lord can cover us through the Holy Spirit.

As we open the Word we discover the prophet in the temple having a vision. He sees water coming out from God’s throne. With Ezekiel, there is a man, or the form of a man, who is measuring the water by one thousand lines.

Ezekiel is brought, ankle-deep, into the water. Then the man measures another one thousand lines and the water comes up to the prophet’s knees. Again the man measures one thousand lines, and Ezekiel finds himself in water up to his waist. Once again the man measures out water, and this time the prophet can not pass over it. He could swam but he doesn’t do it.

From this vision we can learn this lesson: Nothing is impossible for God. Even things that start very small can grow!

EGW says: “Our work has been presented to me as, in its beginning, a small, very small, rivulet….”, but then “as extending to the east and to the west, to the islands of the sea, and to all parts of the world.” (7T, p. 171-172). This promise gives great hope to the church that the Lord Himself will, through the Holy Spirit, surround the world with His presence.

The prophet returns to the bank of the river. There are many trees on both sides. This is a response to revival. The many blessings of the Lord will occur through the revival of the church and its members.

A voice is talking and Ezekiel hears these words: “These waters go down to the desert and run unto the sea” to be understood as the Dead Sea. Trees and fruits would grow out of the banks. Let us remember, it was the place of Sodom and Gomorrah which God had destroyed. These places were flourishing. No wonder Lot choose that region when Abraham offered him to choose to go either to the right or to the left. I do not know if we have to expect it to come true in the last days, because God destroyed the two cities because of their sins. However, I strongly believe that we can learn a bright lesson from God. God wants to have our spirit and our heart. We have to accept the process of revival with a positive attitude. If we are dry in our own heart, in our family or in our church we must believe that God does not judge us, but that He is calling His children back to a wonderful experience of renewal under the Holy Spirit’s guidance. As EGW was praying she said: “Accept the pledge of this Thy people. Put Thy Holy Spirit upon them. Let Thy glory be seen in them. As they shall speak the word of truth, let us see the salvation of God. Amen”. General Conference Bulletin, May 18, 1909.

The EUD associates to that prayer and encourages all initiatives that will be brought up from the local churches, from the conferences and unions in order that all church members will rejoice in a true renewal with God, participating in the experience of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and accomplishing the mission of the Lord.