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Andreas Mazza

Toulouse, France. Monday morning on March 19, at 8 am, a young man opened fire at adults and children in front of a private Jewish school, 'Ozar Hatora'. Four people died: a 30 year-old French-Israeli professor of religion, with his two children aged 3 and 6 and another child of 10. During the shooting a 17 year-old boy was seriously wounded. The gunman fled on a motorbike.
These acts have nothing to do with faith and religion. They are contrary to human conscience, whatever the race, language, nationality or faith. The fact that this violence was against children or the defenseless makes this gesture even more immoral, if that were possible.
What we do know is that these events must not lead to religious conflicts. Reckless actions of extremists and immoral people should not push the entire populations to religious hatred.
We have to keep in mind that any form of extremism is always wrong, dangerous and utterly inappropriate in a civil and social society. It 's necessary to say loud and clear: "Those who perpetrate cannot be considered religious and must be labeled simply as criminals."
Every true religion places respect, balance, dignity, brotherhood and love as the supreme values. The public opinion needs to fully understand this concept in order to avoid conflicts and hatred between peoples and religions. All faiths, especially the three great faiths (Christianity, Islam, Judaism), have their foundation on a universal moral standard, which is based on the above-mentioned supreme values.

Today Thursday March 22, we know from the news that this young murderess is dead, killed by his own crime. But this death, although considered an act of justice, wont give back the professor and these children to their beloved ones.
We want to extend to the bereaved families and to the entire Jewish French community our deepest and heartfelt condolences, along with words of affection and prayer. May God help to heal their painful wounds.

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