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God’s particle?

CERN physicists announced recently that the new particle discovered at the CERN laboratory in Geneva last year is looking increasingly like the Higgs...


Operation Pillar of Defence - A plea for peace from a church free from ideologies

November 22nd. As I write, I read the war bulletins. The following is from CNN:As he was preparing to return to New York from Tel Aviv, U.N....


A trumpet call for human dignity - A trumpet call for church liberty

Claudio Coppini is a good and honest 50-year-old man who had a hard life with his inevitable financial difficulties. Ten years ago I was visiting him...


I hate dictatorship!

Of course everyone does, but If so, a question still remains: why in our postmodern world are dictators still in place, while people try to get rid...


The principle of gratuitousness and the logic of giving

The Pope's document is part of the effort and accomplishment of long discussions grounded in Pope Leo XIII's encyclical letter Rerum Novarum (1891)...


An Appeal for Oneness in Christ

A Response by the General Conference Officers and Division Presidents to the Columbia Union Conference Constituency Meeting Action“Holy Father, keep...