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God in the Constitution...?

 In a secularized world, and in an institution marked by the decline of faith as the supreme principle, why call upon God within the Constitution?...


Remembering a President  

Former Italian President of the Republic, Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, as remembered by the former Italian President of the Seventh-day Adventist Church,...


Doomsday in 2012…?

The explanation of the complex system of Mayans time calculation it is not necessary in this article. Everyone can do this research on their own. Our...


Occupy Wall Street, should I be there? 

The Occupy Wall Street movement has led to the re-emergence of the old – age question of the involvement of Adventist Christians in...


About the end of wars and violence

Declaration from the Seventh-day Adventists’ European Region President on the recent announcements of the end of wars and violence In celebration of...


Declaration on Second Coming of Jesus

Declaration about Seventh-day Adventism and the Recent Announcements of the Second Coming of Jesus. Some religious organizations have recently...