Inter-European Media Strategy Meeting

Inter-European Media Strategy Meeting

The EUD Media Strategy meeting (J. Schultka, Fb)

"Together we wanted to see how we can succeed in teaching values through the Adventist Church media."

June 05, 2016 | Bern, Switzerland. | Jessica Schultka , CD-EUDNEWS.

A Media Strategy Meeting was held on May 24-25, 2016. Stimme der Hoffnung Media Center invited together with the Inter-European Division about 50 media representatives from various countries.

The invitation was accepted by a colorful crowd, albeit mostly male, that came partly from the different areas of radio, television, print and PR, and from different regions of Europe: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Romania, Portugal, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

Together we wanted to see how we can succeed in teaching values through the Adventist Church media. The aim of the meeting was to discuss this matter at a European level, in order to find answers. It was discussed how to go for mission online and through social media and considered the possibilities and limits of a network. The host for this meeting, Stimmer der Hoffnung, supported the EUD in program design, by providing technology and know-how.

Networking by concrete concepts

The consensus was to find concrete projects on which to work with, that are useful for networking. So IMPACT was launched, an evangelism concept that is media based and can be implemented on-site. Also the Reformation anniversary in 2017 offers many opportunities to network the event.


This was the second meeting of this kind and it will be followed by even more. Cooperation and networking can make a good work even better, more effective and also produce many synergy waves.

It was also noted that cooperation has its limits, so that it does not work in all circumstances with all parties involved. On some projects it would be far too much trouble, because everybody has to agree on specific things.

Nevertheless, here are the possible first steps: transparency, benevolence and good communication. Ultimately, meetings where good targets are set are less important than what is applicable in practice. That is why Corrado Cozzi, Director of Communications in the EUD, is about to merge the results of these discussions along with the results of the last GAiN meeting and the EUD strategic plan, to develop a guide or reference that can be used later. So we can be a church that actively participates in social issues and in shaping the future.

"I believe that the purpose of this media strategy meeting is to tighten the relationship between the church and media. On the one hand, media should be the vessel that shows the relevance and brings the message of the church where people spend time today: in front of the TV screen, on the internet, social networks, etc. On the other hand, the church should always be there to be the personal face of the message by embodying it in real life", commented Barna Magyarosi, Inter-European Division's Executive Secretary.

Norbert Zens, EUD Division's Chief Financial Officer, added: “This meeting has been an important step towards a better cooperation among media-ministries within the EUD as well as a better integration of Media in the departmental activities in conferences, unions and in the division."

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