GAIN EUROPE 2018: Walking together, Talking together, Growing together

GAIN EUROPE 2018: Walking together, Talking together, Growing together

A group photo of the GAIN Europe 2018 participants (Tor Tjeransen)

"We witnessed a harmonious cooperation of the two European Divisions, both of which had set a goal of uniting resources and skills for the missionary work in Europe"

March 30, 2018 | Bern, Switzerland. | Andreas Mazza, EUD NEWS.

From March 23-28, the program, GAIN Europe (Global Adventist Internet Network), took place in Spain, in the magnificent coastal city of Canet (Valencia). Around 120 participants from 20 countries met with several objectives: to increase their knowledge of communications, to exchange precious information, to create new beneficial connections, all with the goal of strengthening the paths and increasing the possibilities of the church’s missionary activities.

The event was a joint venture between the two European Divisions: the Inter-European Division (EUD), headquartered in Bern, Switzerland, and the Trans-European Division (TED), located in London, England. The entire event took place under the supervision of the two Directors of Communications from both Divisions, Corrado Cozzi (EUD) and Victor Hulbert (TED). Technical support was provided by Hopemedia Spain, under the direction of Pablo Sanchez, and Stimme der Hoffnung (EUD Media Center), guided by Klaus Popa, an administrator delegated by the Media Center.

The various workshops were preceded by moments of music and prayer during the general assembly. An excellent local musical group led out in the song service.

The themes addressed in the workshops were of great import and ranged from journalism to audiovisual production, from social media management to multimedia evangelism. Among the speakers were many experts of communication and leaders in the field of Adventist communication, including William Costa, World Director of Communications for the Adventist Chuch; Daryl Gungadoo, visionary and expert in multimedia and multisensory communications (Adventist Review); Costin Jordache, Director of Communications for Adventist Review; Julio Munoz, North American Division Communications Associate Director; Sascha Schuster, expert in the field of internet security; Andrew McChesney, Editor of Adventist Mission; and many more.


“It’s great to come to Europe!” exclaimed Brent Hardinge, GC Assistant Communication Director, “GAIN Europe is one of my favorite events to attend. There are always inspiring projects happening and it is always a pleasure to participate in the events.”

Daryl Gungadoo, Director of the Adventist Review’s Innovation Center (MediaLab) said: “I am happy to see that there is an effort to change things here at GAIN and to focus on innovation.”

“GAIN has been a fantastic experience. It was very exciting to see what is happening here in Europe and realize how we can all work together towards the mission of the Church,” shared Julio Munoz, NAD Communications Associate Director.

“One of the things I am impressed with," so Costin Jordache, Communications Director at Adventist Review, "which also inspires me, is the emphasis at GAIN on collaboration and cooperation. That’s tremendous insight for the rest of the world to come together, to create cooperation for the sake of mission – how to use technology and innovation for the sake of growing the kingdom of God around the world. GAIN Europe is not only creating ideas but also models.”

“The thing that impresses me most about GAIN Europe is the amount of organization. It is actually a very complex event, with multiple languages and multiple platforms. I am glad that our team from Adventist Review was able to join me for this event. It has opened our eyes and inspired us to find more ways to work with our partners in Europe,” Bill Knott, Director of Adventist Review, explained.

Between the different meditations that inspired the participants, we cannot forget the deep and suggestive reflections of Elder Bill Knott, who invited all who were present to “walk and talk together”. The idea would be, in every conversation and listening opportunity, to identify the foundation for unity and collaboration – based on the Biblical story in Luke 24, when Jesus Christ, after His resurrection, walked and talked with the two disciples of Emmaus.

Elder Knott wanted to demonstrate the Adventist Review’s great attention towards its European colleagues, by bringing a significant part of his American team with him. He also encouraged everyone towards a fruitful and beneficial global collaboration for the mission that the Lord trusted us with as a church.

In the course of the event, various operators of the Adventist Hope TV presented excellent products that all the participants were able to appreciate. Among the various presentations, we would like to remember the film presented by TED COM about the Reformation, filmed in Germany and Italy. It was also presented a wonderful documentary film by Stimme der Hoffnung, in collaboration with ARTV (Adventist Review TV), shot in Costa Rica.

Finally, we participated in the delivery of a special lifetime achievement award, given to Matthias Mueller, for many years of service as General Director of the EUD Media Center ‘Stimme der Hoffnung’, as well as the inspiration behind numerous projects in the field of Adventist communications, both at the European and global levels. It was a moving moment during which the directors of European and World Communications wanted to express their gratitude and admiration towards Matthias Mueller.

One other thing to highlight is the harmonious cooperation of the two European Divisions, both of which had set a goal of uniting resources and skills for the missionary work in Europe, overcoming the particularities that often characterize the work of the Church in Europe.

 “The most exciting thing for me,” affirmed Victor Hulbert, “is to realize that there are 120 people here whose vision is for mission. They are really saying ‘How can reach out for other people? How can we touch lives?' ”

Corrado Cozzi added, “Maybe I shouldn’t say it as one of the main organizers, but this event was fantastic! Thank you to everyone who participated and collaborated. This was the result of real teamwork! We have understood that we can be a great network of excellent communicators who work together in harmony for the great mission that the Lord entrusted to us. Thank you everyone!”

Williams Costa, Global Adventist Communication Director, concluded: “I am happy and honored at the same time, because this is a select group of leaders and communicators that use their talents and abilities to share the good news of salvation.”

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