Italy: Open Doors Weekend at Villa Aurora

Italy: Open Doors Weekend at Villa Aurora

"Whatever Christ asks us to renounce, He offers in its stead something better".

May 09, 2018 | Florence, Italy. | Notizie Avventiste/ Filippo Alma, IACB Director.

In just over a month another school year will end. If you belong to the 2018 group of senior students, it will soon be time for you to decide what course of university studies to undertake.

Maybe you're already asking questions, or maybe you've already participated to some open-days. Maybe you’re still swinging like a crazy pendulum in search of the right faculty for you, between agrarian, economics, philosophy, geology, engineering, law, medicine, psychology, sociology ... wondering - with good reason - what job opportunities could it offer you at the end of the academic career. It is a great challenge. How can you combine your personal inclinations and the real needs of the labor market? What will you give more importance to, what you dream of or what you need?

We wish you to take advantage of the best opportunities that youth offers you. We invite you to get involved, to give a new and more complete meaning to your Christian faith and to evaluate among the many possibilities also that of studying theology, perhaps in response to a vocation that is emerging or to be verified, so you can understand how to dedicate your life to the service of the gospel. If you would like to take up this challenge, we would be happy to let you know what possibilities and help there are.

Choosing has never been easy. I hope that some Ellen G. White's thoughts will inspire you:

«This world is not a parade ground, but a battlefield. All are called to endure hardness, as good soldiers. They are to be strong and quit themselves like men. Let them be taught that the true test of character is found in the willingness to bear burdens, to take the hard place, to do the work that needs to be done, though it brings no earthly recognition or reward [...]

"Something better" is the watchword of education, the law of all true living. Whatever Christ asks us to renounce, He offers in its stead something better. [...] To honor Christ, to become like Him, to work for Him, is the life's highest ambition and its greatest joy» - Education, pp. 296, 297.

Participation in this weekend is totally free of charge, but is subject to mandatory booking by May 7th, due to limited places. Write to us at the e-mail address:, or call us at 055.412014. If instead you were unable to come on this date, for motivated reasons, contact us anyway to find another useful date.

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