We take you to the summit!

We take you to the summit!

Adventist Educational Center in Sagunto, organized the second expedition to conquer the top of the highest mountain top in Western Europe.

December 10, 2019 | Bern, Switzerland. | CD-EUDNews. S. Albu, Education Dept.

July 22-25, 2019, Stefan Albu, head of chaplaincy at the Adventist Educational Center in Sagunto, organized the second expedition to conquer the top of the highest mountain top in Western Europe, Montblanc, which is 4810 meters tall. The goal of this expedition was to promote the Adventist education system. If Stefan Albu was the only one to go on the first expedition organized June, 22-25, 2018, this time Stefan was accompanied by 2 friends: David Martinez Falcó and Ricardo Ramal.

An invitation to join this activity is sent to all chaplains of Adventist education centers in the EUD, as the project aims to:

a. give more visibility to the Adventist education system;

b. foster creative ideas meant to motivate our students and teachers (teachers are also invited);

c. link the master plan for spiritual development with inspiring metaphors;

d. create more links between the educational centers of the EUD;

e. create historical milestones for Adventist education;

f. promote knowledge and friendship bonds within common projects of our educational centers;

g. carry out a common project in order to inspire our students;

h. create a metaphor about overcoming challenges and difficulties;

i.  make a special promotion of Adventist education in European countries;

j. encourage a mindset for effort, physical exercise, and a healthy lifestyle in our schools.

On the first day, the participants took the Montblanc train to Nid d´Águile (2380 m), then they climbed up and slept in the Rognes refuge (2800 m). The next day they climbed from the Rognes Refuge to Tête Rousse (3167 m), where they slept for acclimatization. The third day, they woke up at 01:30, had breakfast and started the ascent to the Goûter Refuge (3817 m) at 02:15, as this was the most technical, as well as the most dangerous part of the climb. At 04:50 they arrived at the Gouter shelter, rested for a few minutes and then started the climb to the top. At 11:54 they were already taking pictures on the top of Montblanc (4810 m), where they rested for almost an hour.

This is what Stefan told us about this experience: ‘I had the privilege of a day without clouds, with some magnificent landscapes. We went down to Tête Rousse (3167 m) on the same day and we slept like a rock. On the whole, there were about 25 Kilometers, with a difference in altitude of 1643 meters, when climbing up and the same when climbing down. Both during our ascent and descent we recorded different video messages, for the camp organized for the beginning of the new academic year, that was to take place September 27-29. These video messages were intended to promote our Spiritual Development Master Plan for 2019-2020. The video messages were accompanied by photographs with a banner in Spanish and another one in English, which promoted Adventist education. It has definitely been an unforgettable experience, so join us next year for a new adventure!’


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