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The EUD Health Ministries Department thanks YOU !

The EUD Health Ministries Department thanks YOU !

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In this time of pandemic, crisis and suffering, I would like to express my thankfulness:
To the medical professionals, who tirelessly and at the expense of their own health are working in the frontline of the epidemic.
To those who have decided to quarantine themselves from their families in order to be able to serve those who are affected by the virus.
To the leaders of our medical institutions and their administrative team for navigating their ships in turbulent waters.
To the leaders and staff of our old-age homes for all their efforts to keep their at-risk residents safe.
To those of our doctors, who are involved in clinical trials to find a cure for Covid-19.
To the medical professionals, who do many extra-miles to help their Covid-19 and non Covid-19 patients.
To all those involved in cleaning our medical institutions  and nursing homes, because their role is so important.
To those working in the kitchen, technical departments and administration of our hospital, clinic and old-age homes for keeping up.
To the pastors and chaplains for sharing words of hope and faith.
To the mental health professionals who are providing psychological first aid.
To those who are bringing encouragement to others through messages, videos or the playing of music.
To those who through hotlines and active listening lessen hearts aches.
To those who are keeping in touch with sick individuals through phone or video calls.
To those who have given their phone numbers to their neighbors to help in need.
To those who are helping to relieve the pain and loneliness of those who have been alone at home during many weeks because of lockdowns.

To those who go shopping for at risk individuals.
To  those who in spite of relative liberty of movement choose to avoid visiting with friends or family to avoid the spread of the disease.
To those who are praying for others.
To those who are giving food or means to the hungry.
To all those I am forgetting here but who also do amazing things for others.
To God, who is not only the Source of Life but also the Source of Love.
To all, thank you !

Valérie Dufour
EUD HM Director