In the 15th week of implementation of the COVID-19 ”Humanitarian Support” project, ADRA Romania reaches 1,441 people

In the 15th week of implementation of the COVID-19 ”Humanitarian Support” project, ADRA Romania reaches 1,441 people

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June 29, 2020 | Bucharest, Romania | ADRA Romania.

In the 15th week of implementation of the COVID-19 ”Humanitarian Support” project, the ADRA team reached 1,441 people. These included 118 single, elderly people with acute subsistence needs; 259 children from disadvantaged backgrounds, but who have exceptional academic results; 1,021 adults fighting to ensure decent living conditions; 35 entrepreneurs who continue their economic activity; and 8 victims of domestic violence.

1,186 beneficiaries received basic food for a decent living, of which 75 received a hot meal daily; 88 beneficiaries received food and hygiene products, medicines or protective equipment; 100 newborns received baby kits; 35 entrepreneurs were monitored in adapting and carrying out their economic activity; 13 people benefited from social assistance and psychological counselling for crisis; and 19 people received help to provide shelter. 

The humanitarian help offered by ADRA Romania includes information, awareness, counselling, and distribution of food and hygiene products. The services and products are provided by the qualified personnel of the ADRA team who act in accordance with the security and safety policies and rules imposed by current laws of the World Health Organization (WHO), the Strategic Communication Group, the Ministry of Health, and the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (IGSU), in partnership with local authorities and accredited institutions. Some specialized services have been outsourced.

”After many weeks spent in isolation, social distance and alert status, I observed how anxiety is transitive to depression,” shared Adina Mușat, psychologist/psychotherapist ADRA Romania.

“All this time, I was sustaining the beneficiaries both from a material point of view, granted through the project ‘Humanitarian Support Covid-19’, as well as through psychological support. Together, we realized how solidarity in pandemic times reaches its highest levels. We want to provide help for many beneficiaries as possible to the next period and be close to them,” Adina concluded.

”The effects of the current Covid-19 pandemic, anxiety and depression, have been felt by a large part of the people, especially by victims of domestic violence who were forced to spend more time in the same place with the aggressor.

For over 10 years, ADRA Romania continues to protect the victims of domestic violence, providing for shelter and specialized counselling through the ADRA Home Centre for emergency reception to victims of domestic violence.

If, during the emergency period, these women could not leave their homes to use our services, once the virus prevention measures were relaxed, the number of people who used our services increased.

“Through our support, the services provided, and, above all, through our love, we want to stand with these women to overcome the crisis situations they face,” said Mariana Roș, psychologist and clinician with ADRA Romania.

Do you want to be a part of it?

Those who wish to join the ADRA Romania team on the project ‘COVID-19 Humanitarian Support’ and want to get involved can do so by: volunteering (you can contact the ADRA project coordinators at regional level); providing material donations (hygiene products), and also financial donations to the ADRA accounts (specifying the project) or donating directly on the site, by specifying the project at their destinations.

Since 1990, ADRA Romania has been involved in special projects to provide care for the beneficiaries in the whole country. It is leading its projects under the motto "Justice. Compassion. Love.”. 

ADRA Romania brings joy and hope to its beneficiaries, a mission through which higher value and human dignity are promoted for the future. As a provider of accredited social services, ADRA Romania is a part of the ADRA International network, the global humanitarian organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church—one of the most wide-spread non-governmental organizations in the world—being active in more than 130 countries. ADRA is implementing its projects under the philosophy that caring combines compassion with the practical spirit, which includes addressing people in need, without them being of a specific race, ethnicity, political orientation, or religion. The goal: to provide a human service so that the world can coexist as planned.

About ADRA

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is an international non-governmental organization (NGO) that provides individual and community development and disaster relief in over 120 countries worldwide. ADRA’s community development efforts promote health, provide food and water, and empower children through education. Their disaster relief projects coordinate with local governments to deliver medical care, food, water, and shelter to affected populations. The organization was established by the Seventh-day Adventist Church to serve the world’s most vulnerable populations, regardless of their ethnic, political, or religious association.

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