Italy, Cesena: Adventist church thanks civil authorities for the management of the coronavirus emergency

Italy, Cesena: Adventist church thanks civil authorities for the management of the coronavirus emergency

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"Many critical issues saw us arm in arm, the municipal administration and the Adventist Community"

July 10, 2020 | Cesena, Italy. | Lina Ferrara, Notizie Avventiste.

It was a worship service dedicated to "thanksgiving", that was organized, last Sabbath, by the Adventist Church of Cesena. The mission was to thank God, first of all, and, then, the municipal administration for its commitment in managing the COVID-19 crisis during the difficult period of isolation. A "thank you" whose echo resonates, even in the current phase of the emergency, for the solidarity initiatives still in progress.

"As a church and citizens, we want to express to you, in light of what we learn from the Word of God, our gratitude and respect for what you have done, for this great responsibility," said the local pastor.

Pastor Roberto Iannò addressed the guests in the church, after quoting the words of Jesus: "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's", and those of the Apostle Paul who, in the First Letter to Timothy (2:1,2), invites Christians to give thanks and pray for the authorities. "It is a type of prayer in which we recognize the important role of those who govern," Iannò added.

Six city councillors, along with the president of the Fiorenzuola District (district where the Adventist church is located) participated in this special event on June 27.

"On behalf of all the colleagues here present," began Carmelina Labruzzo, councillor for Services for People and Families of the Municipality of Cesena, "we renew an important gesture, saying 'thank you'. A gesture [that is not only] good but rare, if done with honesty; always able to amaze." Labruzzo also brought the greetings of the mayor.

"We have been together in a situation that we did not expect, and we realize the overwhelming importance that these months have had," added the councillor. "The moment of thanksgiving and prayer prepared by you this morning is a sort of pit stop. We know that the game is not over, and this pit stop regenerates [our] dedication, passion and the desire to move forward together".

In addition to the civil authorities, participants also included some representatives of associations, including the leader of ‘Voce all'Autismo’, an association that copes with autism, that received the sum collected during the 'Solidarity Day 2019'.

"The city has not been immune from COVID-19," said Lidia Evangelisti, a member of the Adventist community of Cesena. "The data speak of about 800 positive people and about a hundred deaths. The municipal administration had to put in place adequate services to cope with the pandemic, teaming up with voluntary associations, Civil Protection, and individuals who made themselves available to contribute and help."

In her intervention, Councillor Labruzzo recalled the solidarity projects implemented in the city during the lockdown. The solidarity spending "to help the most fragile groups, those who were in quarantine and isolation for health reasons. A network maintained at the [riskiest] time when we were all asked to stay at home"; the masks sewn and distributed; the suspended expenditure; "this neighborhood was one of the points where it was redistributed for two months. It ended yesterday. And then gestures of economic solidarity, contributions, looks, proximity."

In the months of IoRestoACasa (I Stay at home), "there were moments in which, in the silence, many critical issues were faced and, in the silence, many businesses were carried out that saw us arm in arm, together with all the citizens and towns in general, but in particular with this community," Labruzzo concluded. "Mutual thanks make us remember: we must not forget this time lived. Memory allows us to launch ourselves into new commitments."

Messages from participants

"These are moments that leave special emotions," Evangelisti concluded, "and are reflected in the messages received.

We report some of them.

Milena Maccherozzi (president of the Fiorenzuola District): Thank you, it was so inspiring. Your director of the Families Ministries (Pastor Roberto Iannò) made very deep reflections. Thanks.

Lorenzo Plumari (city councilman): Thank you very much, Giovanni (Benini), for a beautiful morning, it's those moments that give you the push to continue to work for your city. See you soon.

Vittorio Valletta (town councillor): Thank you for a beautiful morning. Some interesting food for thought. The pastor was so profound, and Carmelina (Labruzzo) gave an inspiring speech that represented us all.

Cristina Mazzoni (town planning assessor): Thank you, Giovanni (Benini), for this event and the reflections; during this weekend, I thought a lot about the various "inputs" on Saturday morning. See you soon.

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