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AWR: No longer alone

"AWR helped my faith in Jesus Christ grow".

AWR: No longer alone

Sister Rabemahatsara baptized by Pastor Daniele Zagara.

Bern, Switzerland.S. Rabemahatsara. CD EUDNEWS.

“I have been living in Brittany, France, for five years. I was an Adventist, but my faith wasn’t very strong. I looked for a church, but there were none in my area.

I have suffered a lot in the past: I lost my mother, the only family I had left; went through a divorce, disease … my life was falling to pieces. I felt abandoned and lonely in this environment, far from my country. I tried hard to make it on my own, but I had so much sadness that day after day my health was getting worse.

One day, I went online to try and find some comfort. I came across the AWR website, which was in several languages. I started listening to the programs out of curiosity, but then I burst into tears, as for the first time in a year I felt at peace, no longer alone.

Within days, AWR helped my faith in Jesus Christ grow. Every time I felt sadness or pain, I would get up, pray, and listen to the programs again and again. I could no longer start my day without praying and listening to this program. At night, when I struggled to fall asleep, I couldn’t wait for it to be 4 a.m. to pray with AWR and learn from the Word of God.

With my growing thirst, I felt inclined to once again look for a church on the Internet. God answered my longing, and I found a church in Brest, which is still far, but for God, distance doesn’t count. I was made welcome and felt at home in this church. The members and Pastor Daniel were a blessing from God for my daughter and me.

I was baptized on June 13, and I can’t stop sharing my experience with all my acquaintances – even those in Madagascar. I talk about your programs and how there is nothing greater than living with God and experiencing life with Him on a daily basis! I am happy now, in spite of a few health issues, but God is with me and His love is great.

Thank you to all those involved in this program and for all you do for us!

AWR’s French podcasts attract listeners from around the world; producer and host Oscar Mihani has received feedback from people in Canada, Africa, Japan, and more. The well-crafted programs feature both spiritual and lifestyle topics, from family education to tips for healthy habits, recipes, and more. Monthly interviews with other Adventist entities introduce listeners to a broader range of church activity. For example, ADRA segments feature techniques for how to help people, while Signs of the Times interviews close with an offer for the magazine. Out of AWR’s entire range of 100+ podcasts, the French programs regularly place in the top three most-popular languages with our listeners, alongside Mandarin and Arabic."