Bible Correspondence School Advisory in Siciliy: the biggest challenges

Bible Correspondence School Advisory in Siciliy: the biggest challenges


Bern, June 19, 2013. [CD-EUDNews]. The Bible Correspondence School (BCS) advisory held in Sicily, Italy, last May 29 - June 2, launched some interesting proposals to improve this Bible-learning method.

June 24, 2013 | CD EUDNews;

Bern, June 19, 2013. [CD-EUDNews]. The Bible Correspondence School (BCS) advisory held in Sicily, Italy, last May 29 - June 2, launched some interesting proposals to improve this Bible-learning method.

“Two of the biggest challenges faced by BCS today are getting new students and bringing existing students in touch with local churches or Bible-study groups,” affirmed Sven Fockner, BCS Germany.

In our information age, everybody experiences an overload of news, pictures and advertising. It is becoming more and more difficult to get people's attention.

New ways have to be found to reach prospective students and the social media seem to be one promising possibility.

The advisory took an interesting vote to promote the BCS by smart devices application. “The two Inter-European and Trans-European regions, (EUD and TED), accepted the task of developing apps for Smart Phones and tablets. This new technology is a step in the direction of making the BCS more available to our church members and general public,” stated the vote.

The second big challenge is transferring people to the local congregation. It has always been an ‘Achilles' heel’ of BCS. “Yet this is the ultimate goal of our schools, because we believe that studying the Bible is not just an intellectual exercise” highlighted Fockner. “To truly understand the Word of God, one has to put it into practice in a community of fellow believers.”

Some delegates reported that Bible Camps in the summer are an effective way of bringing students in touch with other Christians. Others rely on the local pastor or initiate special days of encounter in churches, where students can meet their BCS teacher face to face and at the same time, also get to know part of the local congregation.

“Our purpose as a Church is to share the Good News of Jesus to every human being and the BCS’s role is key in this process. We have determined to promote this BCS role and to increase its effectiveness in the local church and in our local communities,” said Michael Hamilton, TED BCS Coordinator and co-organizer of the BCS Advisory. “All our delegates from our two Regions are committed to this and it is very encouraging,” he concluded.

As major parts of the advisory focused on internet and social media, it helped prepare the attending key people working with BCS work in Europe for these changing times. “Advertising, recruiting students and preferred learning medias are changing,” affirmed Kjell Aune, Norwegian Bible Institute director and BCS coordinator, “and personally I appreciate this being the main focus of the advisory. We were challenged to think differently and be creative, and if we take this seriously, the BCS work in Europe has a bright future" Aune concluded.

The resolution of the BCS advisory

The final resolution taken by the advisory focused on increasing the use of BCS as basic method to promote the Gospel. This resolution stated “to encourage each church member to enroll each year at least one person to Christ through the Bible Correspondence School, during the next quinquennium.”

“As disciples of Jesus, and promoters of the everlasting gospel, we are invited to consider BCS as a small personal involvement to accomplish the mission Jesus entrusted to all Christians,” proposed Corrado Cozzi, EUD Communication Director, co-organizer of the advisory. “This is the cheapest way in terms of money and time to join friends, relatives, and other people that are waiting to meet Jesus,” continued Cozzi, “small Sabbath School groups, promoted by the Sabbath School department, are seriously considering applying this huge opportunity to meet the Jesus of the Bible, and encourage all members to use this opportunity every Sabbath.”

Furthermore, the advisory “recommend to each church entity to organize an Annual Day of Bible Correspondence School not only for the annual offering, but for the promotion of the BCS, integrating each ministry of the local church.”

Learning from the North and South American Regions where the BCS has been integrated in local churches and have enjoyed great results, “we recommend the BCS Unions departments to also to carry out similar strategies for their local territory.”

Finally, a new corporate BCS logo has been requested and “we will work in cooperation with the GC BCS department to produce it.”

“God is moving dramatically in the hearts of our students throughout Europe. The Holy Spirit is changing lives for eternity,” said Kurt Johnson, Director for the Voice of Hope, USA and BCS International Association (IABCS) General Conference Director.

“A great work is being accomplished. As I listened to the stories of changed lives through our BCS” said Johnson, “I am reminded of God’s commission to go in all the World, when the Gospel is preached and then Jesus will come.”

pictures: 1. The BCS Advisory; 2. Corrado Cozzi, EUD Communications Director, Paolo Benini, EUD Global Mission Director and EUD BCS coordinator, Michael Hamilton, TED BCS Coordinator;

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