Global Youth Day, the projects.

Global Youth Day, the projects.

Alsbach, Germany. [CD-EUDNews]. March 15 is the date. Youth around the world share activities, projects, and smiles. Everybody is happy to be committed to a church that is dynamic in charity service and testimony. 

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Alsbach, Germany. [CD-EUDNews]. March 15 is the date. Youth around the world share activities, projects, and smiles. Everybody is happy to be committed to a church that is dynamic in charity service and testimony. But what are they really doing? Here are some activities that are just a glimpse of what is really happening:

"GYD will go live for a period of 24 hours across the world to tell the stories of the Seventh-day Adventist youth being the hands and feet of Jesus across the world,” said Gilbert Cangy, Seventh-day Adventist youth leader at the church headquarters.

"Even if there is cyclone warning and bad weather forecast, God provides us with good weather to have our open-air program”, said Maveni from Fiji. In Suva the youth promised to care for each other, not just in Fiji but world-wide for “we are world changers”. The Youth provides lunch and drink packages to the poorest of their country, providing also lunch for 240 inmates and 10 prison officers at the Natabua prison complex, Lautoka.
From Egypt young people are stepping up to be “The Sermon.” 
At the Heliopolis church and the Nile Union Academy, the youth planned to go to a very poor area and provide 8 health stations, including blood glucose checkups, pressure and pulse measurements.

They have also provided a stop smoking station, exercise and tips for women for on a healthy lifestyle. “It is pretty exciting to see everybody working together with such enthusiasm to plan for the event,” said Sarah. Other young people are planning to go to a nursing home.

In Alexandria the youth visited the “Mother Theresa Center” for the elderly and the disabled. Their service included house cleaning, feeding the disabled, having some time to play and discuss with the older ones... and finally pray with them. “It was a wonderful experience to meet the elderly people and share with them words of hope,” affirmed one youth.

One of the most involving programs was to exchange watermelons or flowers with cigarette users. Many youth groups in the world organized this project and it has been well accepted.

In Kellyville the youth are writing letters of encouragement to people persecuted for their faith. Others are writing letters to people living in Syria - a country suffering from the pressure of war.

Many experiences are coming from youth organizations, as Storm and Co., in Melbourne, where youth care mainly for people in need.

In Botswana, young people are giving groceries to the needy and bringing hope to those in need. Youth groups are reaching out to people in remote villages and in the jungle.

Similar projects in Burkina Faso where young people distribute books of hope and care packages to the families in difficulty.

A different project was proposed by the youth in Mongolia. Youth groups offered "Free Hugs" in the streets. Surely a very economical project, but rich in compassion and respect for the people. Similar projects were offered in New York under the title “Compassion”.

The visit to the elderly is one of the most compassionate projects. It is not so obvious, special skills are needed. In Bulgaria, Stara Zagora, the youth visited the old people in their homes, cleaning, talking, singing and praying.

In many sites youth gave blood. “Considering that they do not smoke or drink alcohol, surely our offer is of good quality”, said Manuel. Beside this, in Croatia, youth is conducting a health fair, distributing books and pamphlets on hope. In the Philippines youth give free blood pressure checkups, pray for people and clean the windshields of the local public jeeps for drivers!

Madagascar: Youth groups are distributing food in the streets of Antananarivo.

In Venezuela youth are providing a very original program. “We are transforming homeless people into "Kings for a Day" said Elizabeth. It is enough to see the pictures to catch the meaning of this project.
A group of youth distributed roses, bookmarks and coupons accompanied by a serenade and prayer.

In Brasil, the youth is visiting hospitals, giving assistance to the poor on the streets, sharing better lifestyle. “We want to do this mission not only for a day, but for all of our lives”, said Daniel, from the studio.

In Kenya the youth visited the Embu Men prison and the Embu Women prison, donating some basic necessities. Watching these kind of programs online, shows us once again that the youth today have no limits on their commitments.

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