Seminar in Romania: Stewardship and the Youth

Seminar in Romania: Stewardship and the Youth

Bucharest, Romania [CD-EUDNews]. October 2, 2014. On September 26-28, the Stewardship Department of the Seventh-day Adventist General Conference (GC) and Inter-European Region (EUD), organized a training seminar for pastors and lay members on the topics o

October 02, 2014 | CD-EUDNews

Bucharest, Romania [CD-EUDNews]. October 2, 2014. On September 26-28, the Stewardship Department of the Seventh-day Adventist General Conference (GC) and Inter-European Region (EUD), organized a training seminar for pastors and lay members on the topics of Stewardship and Christian Life Management taking place at the Adventist Theological Seminary in Cernica, Bucharest, Romania.

About 200 participants came to the opening session on Friday evening, but Saturday morning the numbers present almost doubled. The whole program was on live stream except for the message of Saturday which was broadcasted on Speranta TV, the Adventist TV channel in Romania. Hundreds watched the program online.

Part of the participants were youth between the ages of 16 and 25.

The meetings were a great success, the presentations were meaningful and well received by the attendees. The speakers were Erika Puni, Mario Nino, Larry Evans, from the GC and Paolo Benini and Corrado Cozzi from the EUD.

Because part of the attendees were youth, a special consideration was given to them. Evans and Cozzi prepared a special program introducing youth to the concept of Stewardship. The material that was prepared by Evans, in collaboration with Cozzi, was translated into Romanian, so that it would have the most impact on the group.

Sunday morning, Evans and Cozzi were invited to go to an Adventist College, Stephan Dumitrascu, to meet with high school students there. This gave opportunity for 180 more students to attend. “What a dynamic group. What impressive responses” said Evans, “it was a blessing for us to interact with them”, echoed Cozzi.

The youth clearly understood the main points that we wanted them to learn and they appreciated what they heard.

Some of the following students' comments give us a glimpse of the program and its content:

“I was very impressed by the things presented. Before this weekend, many of us had no idea of what a steward was. But afterwards, I had a better understanding of this concept. I was thankful for the information and theory but appreciated the practical advice as well. The group idea was great: everybody was able retain at least one of the seven principles.

I also liked the speakers’ approach, they were always smiling. I think the most important thing I learned from this training session is the new horizons that have opened up for me” said Razvan Lup.

Catalin Dinu affirmed: “I was honored to attend this training, it was very inspiring. The words spoken touched my heart. What I enjoyed the most was brother Larry Evans' many interesting teachings and ideas, but I especially appreciated his life stories. This made the presentations even more attractive. Thank you very much!”

“This was a great experience! I am so glad that I found out about the Department of Stewardship and I am so glad that I had the chance to attend this seminar! I really liked the whole weekend. I can’t forget a line Larry Evans said, it remained engraved in my mind: “I travel around the world to bring hope!” he said. I think it’s inspiring, because it made me want to travel as well and bring hope.

I learned that God doesn’t leave me, that no matter what, He is with me and He wants to work with me and through me, using me as His steward. All I can say in the end is that I want to do this, I want to let God use me to bring hope, work for Him and share His love.” Ionela Avram

“Personally, I can say that the presentations were very relevant and useful and would correct the typical Adventist opinion on stewardship. When most members of our church think of stewardship, they only think of tithes and offerings, these are definitely important, but they are not everything.

I want to emphasize that the program was excellent, but personally, I wish it were more interactive, breaking the traditional sermon-style, and having more direct instruction and advice”, said Denis Nichita.

“On Saturday, I learned what stewardship means and how both younger and older adults can come together and combine ideas and enthusiasm with wisdom and experience. On Sunday, I learned the Seven Principles of life for a good steward, and “my all in response to God’s all”… It was a refreshing experience, and I will try to apply to my life what I’ve learned as a partner with God and as His beloved creation", so Eveline Nicolae.

“I think the stewardship program was very useful in training Adventist teenagers. This presentation opened new perspectives on the personal assets God allows us to have. The speakers also showed us that a faithful steward is not absolved from suffering, but God permits it with a purpose. It was great!” said Adelin Bordea.

“These presentations opened new horizons for me. I mean… “stewardship”, it was tithe and offerings, right? Now I can say: “definitely not!” I learned that “stewardship is another word for sanctification”, and I’m excited about this role God has given to us humans: to be His faithful stewards!

I enjoyed these lively seminars and I appreciate the speakers' professionalism and great attitude. May God bless their work and empower his church to spread the light of the Gospel!” Daniel-Junior Tudorie.

pictures: 1,2,3,4 Participants of the seminar (credits: Corrado Cozzi)

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