Dr. Nelu Burcea new Public Affair & Religious Liberty Associate at the GC

Dr. Nelu Burcea new Public Affair & Religious Liberty Associate at the GC

July 08, 2015 | San Antonio, USA | A. Mazza, C. Cozzi, EUD NEWS.

Dr. Nelu Burcea has been appointed as Public Affair and Religious Liberty Associate at the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventists.

Dr. Burcea was born on December 15, 1970, in Romania. He studied at the University of Bucharest/Adventist Theological Institute where he got the Bachelor degree in 2001. 

Afterward he got a postgraduate degree in Management, Business Development, Media and Marketing, a PhD in Economic Science, Diplomatic protocol and Communication, a PhD in Religious Liberty, and a Postdoctoral in Religious Freedom.

Dr. Nelu Burcea worked in the Ministerial & Adventist Media for about 14 years, from 1995 to 2009, covering charges in evangelistic campaigns, establishing new churches, being Adventist Media Center Director launching Speranta Tv, the Hope Channel in Romania, and increasing the number of radios from 6 to 40. 

In Pubblic Affairs, Dr. Burcea organized more than 50 international and national symposiums, two major scientific conferences, together with the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education, of Research and Innovation, Youth and Sports and the State Secretariat for Religious Affairs, with the participation of representatives from Harvard University and professors from Oxford University and many other Romanian universities.

He provided for the Conscience and Liberty Awards for politicians, scholars, and personalities from the religious area. 
He attracted the interest of scholars for freedom of religion and belief, as well as providing important universities with essential publications in the field including "Fides et Libertas", the Journal of Freedom of Conscience, to which around 100 Romanian and foreign personalities from renowned political science, law, philosophy and theology have contributed.

Dr. Burcea entertains strong relations with top national officials, as the last two presidents of Romania (two meetings with the current president in the last 8 months),the last three Romanian Prime Ministers, and has had regular meetings with the last two Ministers of Foreign Affairs, for the annual meeting of the Romanian diplomats. 

Dr. Nelu Burcea conducted also an intense editorial activity publishing articles on important magazines focused mainly on religious liberty topics as Jurnalul Libertății de Conștiință, Jurnalul Libertății de Conștiință, Editura Universitară, European Journal of Science and Theology as well as many others. 

Dr. Burcea is President of the “Conscience and Liberty” Association and member of the Interdenominational Bible Society in Romania as a representative of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Nelu Burcea is married to Viorica. They have two beautiful children, Ester and Eduard.

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