A storm sweeps a scout camp

A storm sweeps a scout camp

August 14, 2015 | CD-EUDNews

Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland, August 14, 2015. [CD-EUDNews]. The bad weather that rages upon part of Europe and that caused serious damages in several countries has not spared an Adventist scout camp with about 140 children. 

The camping is in Estavayer-le-Lac, on the property of “La Ferme de la Corbrière”.
From August 3 to 10, on this property was held the International Camporee of the Seventh-day Adventists, where 2,300 participants – among boys, girls, leaders and volunteers – had a week of intense activities. The good weather, although with exceptional peaks of heat waves, contributed to the success of the event.

After the big event, two German delegations (from Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria), with about 140 scouts, were still in place for one more week after the Camporee, to continue their scouting activities, under the direction and responsibility of their regional leaders, as the International meeting ended last Monday, with the departure of the majority of the participants.

Yesterday, August 13, an excursion by bus was planned and the scouts were off of their camp to visit some places in Switzerland.
In the afternoon, a heavy storm hit the region, striking inexorably the campground of the two delegations.
Those who remained at the camp tried to reduce the damages as much as they could. However, when they came back, the other scouts found themselves in front of a devastating scenario.
Everything was wet, from the tents to the stuff, including the luggage.
The wind was still blowing, and the children were told not to get off their coaches.
It must not have been a good spectacle, seeing tents and other stuff blowing away, and not having a shelter for the night.
In any case, no one was injured: despite the scare, all the participants are in good health.
To solve their problem, the Police and Fire Departments helped promptly evacuating the area and providing a shelter for the children and their leaders. The intervention of the local authorities was deeply appreciated: the scouts were very grateful for the help they received. 

Considering the difficult conditions of their campsite, the delegation from Bavaria decided to anticipate the return, that will be made later today (August 14). The other delegation, that suffered less damage, will remain until the end of the week.

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