EUD GAIN 2015: What are the challenges?

EUD GAIN 2015: What are the challenges?

"We want to develop a strategy and create better relationships between Communications and Evangelism"

December 01, 2015 | Bern, Switzerland. | Corrado Cozzi, CD EUDNEWS.

November 8 to 9 was the fourth European GAIN of the Inter-European Division. As usual it was held at Stimme der Hoffnung, the Inter-European Division Media Center.

Those present at the GAIN were representatives from almost all the countries of the Division, from Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Romania and Bulgaria. The attendance was mainly determined by the goals achieved at the 2015 edition of the European GAIN.

Those present were Union Communications Department leaders, Media Center directors, for example the Director of the Gitaway Media Center in Portugal, Director of HopeMedia Center in Spain, Director of SperantaTV in Romania, and of course Director of Stimme der Hoffnung which actually is the Division media center. Other present were members of the Evangelism and Personal Ministries Departments which were invited to GAIN in order to develop a strategy and create better relationships between Communications and Evangelism.

This Evangelism Strategy Framework was the main goal of this outreach and was developed by most participants, divided into groups focusing on several areas of communication, such as television, radio, Internet, the press, direct communications and of course evangelism and the Church,.

All these participants gathered specifically to develop such a strategy. It was very simple, every sectors represented an introduction highlighting the relationship between the media and communications, focusing on evangelism.  Groups were called to answer questions such as "assess the current situation", "what goals should be reached", "what are the challenges" and "what are the steps to reach the goal".

It was two days of intense work, with almost eight intense hours a day but with good results. First of all because it was the first time that a program was developed with participants directly interacting with the organization offering programs, answers, proposing projects to be considered, in the framework strategy. Secondly, because this strategy was to respond to the needs at the base, not only from leaders' assumption and application. 

The conference concluded Wednesday evening when all participants had the opportunity to express appreciation on the work and program this year. People were also indicating the desire to put these intentions into action, for the Church to achieve the main objective for which it was established, namely evangelism.

Those in attendance at the European GAIN were members of the General Conference Communications Department, such as Nancy Lamoreaux, GC Internet Chief Officer. Also present were John Beckett, Brent Hardinge, Jennifer Stymiest and Daryl Gungadoo, with AWR General Conference.

The keynote speaker was Dan Webber, North American Communications Director, who presented the main message of this GAIN conference, introducing all work sessions with a response, highlighting the fact that above all, we must be able to tell a story, to help people understand our message; telling the story is much more than just providing the facts, the story has to be authentic and of course personal.

Also present was Victor Hulbert from the Trans-European Division, collaborating with Sven Fockner and Matthias Muller, drafting the document that summarized the proceedings of this Strategic Frame Work. All participants shared ideas and suggestions that were directly sent to three scribes, who would summarize and evaluate the work sessions based on the feasibility of the proposed projects.

The general manager and facilitator of this project was Klaus Popa, who led the sessions to make it possible to reach the objectives. Thanks go to Stimme der Hoffnung, who not only organized much of the structure of the convention, but also all the corollary to allow participants to find pleasant accommodations and everything else that goes with it. It was unanimously requested that the next GAIN be organized again at a European level, taking not only into account the resources from the two divisions, but also include the third division that will fully partake at the next session.

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