Global Children’s Ministries Advisory

Global Children’s Ministries Advisory

Dreams, actions and challenges for the next 5 years.

April 01, 2016 | Bern, Switzerland. | Elsa Cozzi, CD EUDNEWS.

In March 2016, Children’s Ministries Division’s directors from around the world had the opportunity to meet in the Seventh Day Adventist Headquarter
in Silver Spring and share their dreams, actions and challenges in their parts of the globe and make plans for the next 5 years.

Linda Koh, CHM GC director, lead the meetings and organized several topics and presenters to inspire and challenge participants to develop new ideas and programs in our Unions/Conferences/ Missions fields.

We had also the opportunity to get inspired by programs and projects from different Divisions fields and useful in other parts of the world. This gives a big bunch of tools and material that allow avoiding “reinventing the wheel”.
With the great expansion of Internet and other technologies children, parents
and leaders from around the world have mostly the same needs and challenges despite of cultural and ethnic diversities. This is appearing more and more evident since these last years, and for this reason, it will be important and useful to connect and share experiences and activities
that help children to better develop
their spiritual life and develop their own relationship with God.

Beside all activities and material developed in the past, many projects will be developed until 2020. We will work not only on new projects, but also on adapting or increasing already proved programs to make them more usable and effective.

We hope our work will help children, parents and leaders to better connect and support each other in their spiritual journey.

May God help us by keeping faithful to our mission and call. 

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