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Special needs worship in the Czech Republic

The 3rd regional meeting was intended for people interested in serving people with disabilities.

Special needs worship in the Czech Republic

Bern, Switzerland.Czech News, CD-EUDNEWS.

Recently the Adventist Church in the Czech Republic organized the 3rd regional meeting for people interested in serving people with disabilities. This time it was in Prague, in the oratory of Smíchov. The meeting was intended for those who serve in the church as deacons, choir officials or people generally interested in this service.

The morning worship and the afternoon program were intended to demonstrate how to manage Sabbath services for people with disabilities.

For the first time, thanks to a specially trained team, there was a morning prayer service broadcasted online with translation into sign language. It was a program that was part of the global Adventist project dedicated to people with special needs.

The afternoon section of the program was presented with subtitles for the deaf. Participants were able to directly observe the work of those who professionally serve the deaf.

At the beginning of the meeting, the man responsible for diakonia and social services of the Church in Bohemia, Daniel Hrdinka, spoke about the spiritual dimension of this service of mercy and about its limits.

Furthermore, Joseph Slowik, a special education expert for people with disabilities, introduced listeners to the context and specifics of services to these people in the Adventist Church. Jitka Morávková, herself with hearing disabilities, introduced the interesting and inspiring activities that the Adventist Church carries forward for these people. Afterwards came the turn of Daniel Hottmar, who also sits in a wheelchair. He talked about how people live with physical handicaps in everyday life and in the Church.

In the final part there was a special time for a debate. Many participants asked how to introduce such a precious service in their region and in local churches.

The deacons of the local churches received a manual explaining how to work with people with disabilities. That manual is entitled ‘People with disabilities in the Christian community’, written by Joseph Slowik.

"We are grateful that education and awareness regarding people with special needs is increasing in our region. People with disabilities need special attention and we will continue to commit ourself to this precious service," explained Corrado Cozzi, Deaf Liaison at the Inter-European Division.

To watch the entire worship service, please connect here.