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EUD Press Release on Aleppo

According to the spokesman of Unicef Italy, there are more than 1.2 million children who are in urgent need of help.

EUD Press Release on Aleppo

Bern, Switzerland.EUD Public Relations Department.

The news of these days about the bombing of Aleppo cannot leave us indifferent.

These bloody human conflicts especially hit innocent children. According to the spokesman of Unicef Italy, there are more than 1.2 million children who are in urgent need of help. Many children have already died this last week, mainly due to the bombing of a civil hospital.

Whatever the reasons for this war, we, as Inter-European Region of the Seventh day Adventists church members, express our firm disapproval of this conflict, as well as all other conflicts. 

We express our deep sorrow over the victims of this terrible war, and extend our condolences to all those parents who have lost their children, due to an unjustified human wickedness.

We invite all international political entities, that in these days are asking for a ceasefire, to do all possible to stop these conflicts that sacrifice innocent blood.

We join our prayers to all religious organizations, committed to raising awareness toward this important issue. May reasoning and common sense help to seek solutions according to the most basic respect for life. May the Lord’s call for forgiveness and peace be heard.