Adventist Church in Europe launches Hope Media France

Adventist Church in Europe launches Hope Media France

Hope Media France is a new portal dedicated to the radio.

June 06, 2016 | Bern, Switzerland. | Stéphane VINCENT, CD-EUDNEWS.

For many years, the Franco-Belge Adventist Conferences (UFB) connected their radio production through their radio stations. After the "Studio du Salève ", you can now find the "Studio du Lys" with the Internet Portal "Hope Media France".

We hope that through this new digital tool, many people will be listening to our local radio stations that broadcast our productions on a variety of topics, from the spiritual and biblical reflections through health-, education- and family-focused programs, to the social life issues with a humanitarian dimension.

You can also discover our musical programs and more, everyday, 24 hours a day!

Through this portal, we also want to develop a platform where you can listen to on-demand "Podcasts" that allow you to access the audio content that we offer.

This portal is the first step in a broader process that should eventually become truly interactive. This website has been designed for computers, smartphones and tablets. So you can stay connected as much as you like by listening to any of our radio stations.

With six local radio stations affiliated with the UFB, tens of thousands of listeners can benefit from our message of Hope, and also from our health suggestions and advices for a better lifestyle.

Enjoy listening to the new Hope Media Portal France!

To connect to Hope Media France, please go here.

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