EUD Press Release

EUD Press Release

ADRA, with the support of Pathfinders, cooperated with the local Council in humanitarian assistance to the affected populations.

August 12, 2016 | CD-EUDNews. Pictures Facebook

“Our country continues to burn and fires have left many people homeless, including many Adventist brethren,” said Jorge Duarte, Communication Director of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (Adventist) in Portugal.

In the District of Aveiro, there is quite a number of Adventists, but none of them have been affected in their homes, although in the Agueda area and Vila Nova de Monsarros, the shock was great, especially throughout the night.

In Vila Nova de Monsarros, the fire threatened some Adventist members' homes, also damaging parts of their properties. These fires have reached very large proportions and also devoured some lands and animals belonging to a few Adventists. According to the latest information we received from that part of Portugal, after the fire had divided in two fronts, one towards Luso and another towards the south, it again approached the town of Vila Nova de Monsarros.

In Vila Nova de Monsarros, ADRA, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency, with the support of Pathfinders, cooperated with the local Council in humanitarian assistance to the affected populations.
“This afternoon, August 11, they will deliver fruit, water and some food,” informed Duarte.

“PRAY for Madeira, a wild fire has raged through the mountains since Monday, and has reached the historical center of the city. Many homes have been destroyed, hospitals and hotels evacuated; the old historical building is still burning at the moment, with the highest temperatures registered on the island in the last 40 years and a 90km hot, burning wind, feeding the flames…” This is the message posted on Facebook by Tisha Smit on Wednesday, August 10.

Within the Adventist community in Madeira, “even though we know that all members are well and peaceful,” said Duarte, “they have registered two significant losses:
          1. Destruction of a store, owned by an Adventist Church member in Funchal;
          2. One Adventist private home completely destroyed. 
There was yet another house of an Adventist member that was partially damaged, but this morning, when the Civil Protection allowed the family to verify the situation of their home, it was found that all was safe.”

According to information received from Pr. Rui Bastos, pastor of the church in Funchal, the church building and the school were not affected, even though the fire was just 200m away.
At this time, the Adventist Church and ADRA Funchal-Madeira delegations are organized for:
          a) Raising donations (food, clothing, furniture, cleaning supplies, building materials, household items, etc.);
          b) Volunteer management; and
          c) Warehouse Management - for collection and distribution of goods.
“We praise God for the protection of life granted to all members of our church on the island of Madeira,” concludes Duarte, “however, let us pray for the Lord to protect the population of our country.”
“This is a terrible experience for all population affected. We pray for those that have lost their belongings, and for those that are in pain due to this ravaging fire,” expressed Corrado Cozzi, Communication Director from the Adventist Inter-European Region. 

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