ADRA Italia bringing hope

ADRA Italia bringing hope

Refugees from Syria (Wikipedia)

Refugees: Italy is at the center of the problem, defined as the European welcome-center-country.

July 02, 2017 | Bern, Switzerland. | Dag Pontvik, Adra Italia, EUD NEWS.

World Refugee Day just passed and, while we believed we could immediately turn the page, as it usually happens, the facts bring us back to reality.

The newspapers and media cannot keep silent about the rising number of refugee landings these days: we are talking of a number around 10,000 and rising still.

The stories that are recounted repeat dehumanizing experiences, where people become faceless and are simply considered merchandise, a product to be used and abused, a product from which profit is made.

What is certain is that Italy is at the center of the problem, defined as the European welcome-center-country. In fact, these days, discussions are continuing about the management of this emergency and the need for a European response. The governments have to play their part, but they need everyone's commitment, whether at the association level or the individual level.

Our active welcome is indispensable.

The fact is that we are living in a new state of being, a complex new unity, which includes problems that will not disappear even if we close our eyes in the darkest moment.

If we observe the historical migration experiences, we will realize that, often, migrants became either elements of support or of transformation for the community. When migration is well-managed it is no longer a threat; rather, it reveals an opportunity.

So what does it mean to manage a migratory flux? This can be understood only when people reach solid ground. It is not enough to provide emergency maritime assistance, because the migrants don't die only in the Mediterranean sea.

If we remain indifferent, death will continue to persecute them, even within our borders, under the guise of abuse, slavery, criminality, and poverty.

ADRA Italia, in its own small way, is bringing about change where there was no hope for any, in a forgotten and abandoned place like Castel Volturno.

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