ADRA Germany Director new 'Alliance for Africa' Chairman

ADRA Germany Director new 'Alliance for Africa' Chairman

"Together for Africa has a very important role for the people in Germany"

July 03, 2017 | Bern, Swizterland. | APD, EUD NEWS.

ADRA Germany, the Adventist Development and Disaster Response, reported that ADRA Managing Director, Christian Molke, was elected as the new Chairman for the registered voluntary Alliance for Africa. The Alliance is committed to the improvement of living conditions on the African continent.

"Europe is perceived as very prejudiced towards Africa - which is neither fair, nor is it true," said Molke. "Together for Africa has a very important role for the people in Germany. With this alliance, we look forward to a balanced view of this great continent. Here the volunteer activity will reach the core mission of ADRA Germany," Molke continued. "It is very clear to me that this task can be better achieved only together with other organizations." The election of Christian Molke to the Chairman of the Board took place at the General Meeting in the beginning of June 2017.

Together for Africa

Together for Africa, is a registered alliance of more than 20 relief organizations, which, with campaigns, events, donations and educational work, draws attention to Africa's conditions and opportunites. All participating organizations, including ADRA Germany, Johanniter Accident Assistance, UNO Refugee Aid and Islamic Relief Germany, are committed to improving living conditions in Africa.

“ADRA Germany, based in Weiterstadt near Darmstadt, is currently concentrating mainly on the prevailing famine in East Africa”, reported the Seventh-Day Adventist relief agency. There, for example, nutritional projects would be carried out in Southern Sudan, Kenya and Ethiopia.

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