Celebrating 30 years of ADRA Germany

Celebrating 30 years of ADRA Germany

Christian Molke praising his staff. © Foto: Jens Mohr/APD

ADRA Germany, based in Weiterstadt near Darmstadt, is part of a network of ADRA International, which links more than 130 national offices.

October 04, 2017 | Bern, Switzerland. | APD, ADRA Germany, EUD NEWS.

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency, ADRA Germany celebrated their 30th anniversary with a ceremony on October 1.  The anniversary event in Darmstadt was the celebration and appreciation of the different aims of the work of the relief organization of the Seventh-day Adventist church. ADRA Germany is committed to the sustainable development of humanity.

Christian Molke, Managing Director of ADRA Germany, pointed out in his welcoming speech that the ceremony is not only a celebration but will also lead to self-reflection. There were special greetings on the occasion of the 30th anniversary from Dr. Christian Noack, the Head of Marienhöhe School Centre in Darmstadt; Doris Fröhlich, Darmstadt Town Councilor; Werner Thalmeier, the First City Council of Weiterstadt; João Martins, the Director of ADRA Europe; and Manuela Roßbach, the Managing Director of 'Germany Action Helps'.

Partner and role model

João Martins emphasized the strength of ADRA as an international organization. ADRA Germany is one of the largest national offices in the network of more than 130 partner offices worldwide. Since ADRA Germany has been "always a step ahead ", it has built up a structure that is exemplary and places beneficiary assistance at the forefront, “ADRA Germany is also a role model for other country offices,” emphasized Martins.

'Germany Action Helps'

According to Manuela Roßbach, ADRA Germany has significantly contributed to the foundation and success of the group 'Germany Action Helps'. It is important that the Alliance network relief organizations work from the inside and outside. Roßbach thanked ADRA for the "positive attitude".

Faith in God leads to solidarity and brotherhood

In his speech Pastor Johannes Naether, the chairman of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Northern Germany, pointed out the spiritual foundation of the work of ADRA. Belief in God, or fear of God, is not God's relationship with people in the past, but is "a practical relationship with God", declared Naether with reference to a text of the Bible in the book of Job, chapter 6, verse 14: "Whoever denies mercy, denies the fear of the Almighty."

The Northern German church president drew parallels from the biblical story of Job to the present time. Job declared to them “Why would one want to have refugees in our country, as object of fear and power, as sacrifices of theories". "Forgetting humanity becomes inhumanity". but ADRA helps there, "where only an abyss opens up". Naether thanked ADRA Germany for the service rendered, and finally pointed to the final fulfillment of the Christian Hope: " 'A' stands for Adventist: We are still waiting. When Christ comes, the future will unfold."

ADRA Germany

ADRA Germany, based in Weiterstadt near Darmstadt, is part of a network of ADRA International, which links more than 130 national offices, joint together for development cooperation and emergency aid projects. ADRA Germany was founded in 1987 by Pastor Erich Lischek. Among the first
projects were the earthquake aid in Armenia as well as the reconstruction of the Leper Colony in Nepal. For further information, please visit:

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