3rd Festival of Religious Freedom in France

3rd Festival of Religious Freedom in France

Press Release of the Church of the Adventist Campus Collonges-sous-Salève.

February 12, 2018 | Bern, Switzerland. | Jean-Jacques Henriot, EUD NEWS.

During the Festival, the President of the federation of Adventist Churches of French-speaking (Romandie) and Italian-speaking (Ticino) Switzerland, David Jennah, encouraged the congregation to consider the relationship between religion and politics: “God or Cesar” or “God and Cesar”. Is the word of Jesus not an invitation to act at the heart of society in order to transform the light of His liberation into practical reality?

In the afternoon, we saw an exhibition demonstrating the persistence through time of the persecution of Christians in certain societies where their faith is considered as abnormal. Raymond Favre, representing the Open Doors Association, and special guest at the 3rd edition of the Festival, delivered a presentation in words and images, on an area of its action in favour of religious freedom: support for persecuted Christians. He stressed that persecution is not just a mere historical accident, but a historical constant, a subject of discussion between Jesus and His disciples and something which can “contribute to the good of those who love God”. He encouraged us to show solidarity with our persecuted brothers and sisters, through action and prayers.

The day closed with a piano concert, performed by internationally renowned artist, Richard Octaviano Kogima, living proof that music can also be an instrument of defence of religious freedom.


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