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Romania: National Convention of Pastoral Wives

'Copilot to Heaven'

Romania: National Convention of Pastoral Wives

(credit: Adina Tomoiaga, Facebook)

Bern, Switzerland.Elvira Wanitschek, EUD Sheperdess Director, EUD NEWS

The National Convention of Pastoral Wives, held in Stupini between March 30 and April 1, 2018, represents a short layover for the shepherdesses who want a restoration of their energy and vitality. The presentations and activities of this meeting were conducted under the motto "Child to Heaven”, the biblical inspired verse being the one in 2 Corinthians 1:21: " Now he which stablisheth us with you in Christ, and hath anointed us, is God.”

More than 130 of the pastoral wives of the Adventist Church in Romania attended this piloting course. Special invitations have also arrived on board that helped to make a deeper understanding of the "Flight Guide" - the Bible. Janet Page, General Conference associate ministerial secretary for Shepherdess International, Elvira Wanitschek, Shepperdess director of Inter-European Division, Diana Gavajuc, MA in Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapist, and Zenobia Niculiţă, Psychologist, University Lecturer at the Adventus University.

The Sabbath program included several moments of worship, song, reports of pastoral wives' activities throughout the Romanian territory, experiences and seminars for an efficient piloting.

Continuous training seminars, supported by other shepherdesses, have removed clouds that hide the horizon, outlook and vision. It has been discussed how to raise emotionally healthy children, how to relate to adolescents, how a pastor can form leaders in the church, where we place the pastor wife in a culture of success.

The spiritual objective for those who keep a glimpse of the sky as a destination was to learn how to cope with family, church and ministerial difficulties in order to have a quiet flight to heaven alongside the pilot - the pastor - which may sometimes be in a deadlock. Janet Page talked about the importance of a devotional life for the shepperdess and facilitated the consecration from the Prayer Room. Elvira Wanitschek, has contributed to the beauty and safety of the flight through practical advice on the shepperdess life of ministry.

The pastor's wife's life is sometimes disturbed, and for those moments the shepherdesses learned how to be good with themselves, with the Lord, with the partner, in their relationship with the little ones - the children, their work. The hand-made workshops on Saturday in the evening offered a colorful and cheerful panorama, but also a good opportunity for knowing, sharing experiences and connecting. We are part of the same service family and we need to know that we are supported by those who carry the same struggle as we do.

The Great Pilot can and wants to lead each pastor wife beyond the clouds, where the real sight of light and splendor opens, to be a blessing and not a curse to all who surround her.