The most important moment in the Camporee is the baptismal ceremony. And it was.

August 03, 2019 | P.Macedo, C.Cozzi. Pictures, Bartolo

We’re in the last days of Camporee 2019 in Sesimbra, Portugal. But there’s still time to the most important. Several Pathfinders decided to deliver their lives to Jesus and we’re all happy for them. Imagine how happier He most certainly is.

Friday evening is the moment for baptisms in Camporee. Thirteen Pathfinders deliver their heart and life to Jesus and they wanted to do it in this amazing environment with almost 3000 of their friends and pairs.

One of them is Miriam Alves, 13, from Porto, Portugal. Let’s know a bit more about her.

CN. (Camporee News) How are living this Camporee experience?

MA. It´s being great! I am loving to get to know so many people, from so different countries. I trained a lot to know how to talk about scarfes and exchange them. The moments at the Marquee are the best, with the worship and the theme song. I love when we get to sing the part in our own language! The Pathfinder activities are good and there are some surprises that are thrilling. Today we got to ride horses on the camp! City Life was also fun.

CN. Since when are you a Seventh-Day Adventist?

MA. I was born in an Adventist home, both may parents are Adventist. My father is a Youth Leader and has always motivate me to participate in Pathfinder activities. I also study in an Adventist school. So all my life I have prayed and worshiped in Church, had Bible lesson in school and participated in Pathfinders clubs. Faith is a very important part of my life.

CN. Why did you decided to be baptized now?

MA. There is a moment when you feel a special calling, an eager wish of giving our heart to Jesus, spending more time with Him, telling the world the reason of our joy. I think that I understand all that now and don’t want to miss more time without receiving the blessing of baptism and to participate entirely in Church life. I have been waiting for this moment since I was eight and now my Pastor has asked me if I wanted it to be here. Now is the time.

CN. And what about the opportunity to baptize in Camporee?

MA. That is a real dream come true! It is an unique opportunity because it will be my only Camporee as a Pathfinder. I am glad to be in front of so many friends.

CN. Please leave a message to the young people reading this news…

MA. When we offer our heart to Jesus the feeling is great, we feel happy and relieved. If you decide the same you will not regret. And come to next Camporee!

It was a beautiful and moving ceremony, in which you could feel the presence of God in the faces and voices of all young people. Among the Pathfinders that were baptized there were people from Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain and Portugal. In spite of all differences of languages, uniforms, scarves, they all express their wish to deliver their life to Jesus and personally be closer to Him.

At the Marquee, as sun came down to Sabbath, hearts and thoughts rose to Heaven in prayer, asking for blessings upon dozens of people deciding for Jesus, as the preacher invited them through a touching appeal.
Being at a Camporee is very special. But nothing compares to the feeling of watching a teenager fulfilling God’s dream of receiving his/her life in the best years.

Yes, the most important moment in the Camporee is the baptismal ceremony. It is not only a matter of seeing a group of boys and girls accept Jesus, but also of teens who confirm the choice they made in their turn, and specially the ones who made the decision to be baptized one day. A Camporee is a unique opportunity for these young people to decide to accept Jesus in their hearts.

This Camporee is about reminding God’ Promises. And also praying for the promise of faithfulness and happiness in each of these lives.

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