Mattia Benini, new Managing Director of Clinique La Lignière SA

Mattia Benini, new Managing Director of Clinique La Lignière SA

Mattia Benini (CLL)

Press Release

September 29, 2019 | Gland, Switzerland. | CLL, EUD NEWS.

The Board of Directors of Lignière Holding SA has appointed Mattia Benini as the new Managing Director of Clinique La Lignière and its subsidiary companies as of 1 February 2020.

He will succeed Nicolas Walther, who will remain in office until 31 January 2020. 

This transition period and the profile of the new director will ensure continuity in La Lignière's strategy and in the development of regional, national and international partnerships.

With a background in theology and a bachelor's degree in process management engineering, Mattia Benini was appointed, in March 2017, Head of Operations at Clinique La Lignière SA, Centre Médical & Thérapeutique La Lignière SA and Centre de Santé La Lignière SA.

As such, he managed all cross-functional services such as administration, hotels and reception, maintenance and works, logistics and safety, IT and patient admissions. 

As a member of the Management Committee, Mr. Benini worked very closely with the General Management on all transversal projects, while being involved in Lignière's strategic projects.

The Research and Selection Committee, specially set up by the Board of Directors of La Lignière Holding SA, favoured an application with a participatory, transversal and interdisciplinary approach.

The Board of Directors also wishes to highlight the technical and practical knowledge that Mr. Benini has developed and used in Lignière since his arrival. The new director finally convinced by his human and social skills, and his deep sense of values and commitment.

"Being young, visionary, dynamic and loving working in a team are all assets to lead our institution in an increasingly complex health system," says Mario Brito, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Mr. Nicolas Walther remains General Manager of Clinique La Lignière and its sister entities until January 31, 2020. He will thus be able to transmit to Mattia Benini all the management tasks and gradually involve him in the various ongoing projects.

The Board of Directors is convinced of Mattia Benini's great capacity and potential to ensure continuity in the strategy implemented at the clinic, outpatient centre and health centre level and in the development of the regional, cantonal and international partnerships established in recent years.


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