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Facing Coronavirus

Valérie Dufour, Health Ministries Director, continues to inform on how to prevent the spreading of the Coronavirus and precautions to be taken

Facing Coronavirus

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Bern, Switzerland [CD-EUDNews, Health Ministries]. Valérie Dufour, Health Ministries Director of Seventh-day Adventists in the Inter-European Region (EUD), continues to inform on how to protect ourselves and our communities from getting and spreading respiratory illnesses like Covid-19.
“As the prevalence of the coronavirus is increasing in Europe,” says V. Dufour “you may find some important practical information and recommendations on the web page Adventist Health Ministries.”
On this page you can find:

  1. information on COVID-19,
  2. effective hand-washing,
  3. impact of lifestyle on immune response,
  4. practices to be avoided in order to prevent contagion,
  5. the correct way to use disposable masks,
  6. elements to consider in case of a large epidemic or for the case a governement would lock down a region,
  7. trustworthy sources for regular updates on the development of the situation in Europe.

“Let us remember (see article on CD-EUDNews) that there is no need to panic. Studies are showing that in a large number of cases the symptoms of COVID-19 are moderate.
Also in some cases individuals may carry the virus around without having symptoms themselves” informs V. Dufour.

Today as in Bible times, we are called as individuals and as a Church to help contain the spreading of infectious diseases, by respecting hygiene principles and by having a responsible attitude.
For this everyone should keep informed and know the instructions of their respective countries.
“In the current context, let us pray and see how we can be a source of help and encouragement for our families, friends and neighbors also supporting the efforts of the local authorities” concludes V. Dufour.