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Europe vs Europe

Newletter from Valerie Dufour, EUD Health Department on facing Coronavirus

Europe vs Europe

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Bern,Switzerland. [CD-EUDNews, V.Dufour] In just some few weeks Europe has become another Europe, a continent with massive epidemic, confinement, economic shutdown, losses and uncertainties.

But Europe has also changed because people are more open to talk with neighbors and strangers, they are more mindful of existential questions, they are more aware that birds are singing, more conscious that goods are limited and that possessions or standing are of little value in times of crisis.

People are also showing more care for others through personal or public endeavors like giving their phone numbers to neighbors or launching initiatives like the one called "Ciao Nonna, come stai?" or "Hello Gran, how are you?" urging all young people to call elderly relatives – or even older people they don't know.

As Christians we are living in a time of great challenges but also of great opportunities. A time to strengthen our faith, our hope and our health. A time to help those who are suffering in various manners. A time to pray for frontline medical professionals. A time to use our talents and multiply them. A time to point to the Creator and all-loving God.

« My hope is that this Newsletter, designed for the very present time, will be a source of sustenance for you and a tool for ministry to the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health of those that are within your reach » said Valérie Dufour EUD Health Ministries.

Enter the web page Adventist Health Ministries  to find counsels on:

  1. Keep moving
  2. Keep connected
  3. Keep in the sunlight
  4. Keep at peace
  5. Keep courage
  6. Keep informed
  7. Keep the principles of hygiene and social distancing

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