ADRA Italia & COVID-19 response

ADRA Italia & COVID-19 response

(credit: ADRA Italia)

July 27, 2020 | ADRA News.

The first few days after the lockdown (cessation of all activities), in March, highlighted the first cases of dietary difficulties in families that were already in precarious positions, such as peddlers, caretakers, maids, car parkers, etc.,. Thus, no work, no money, no food expenses.

The mayor of the town of Gravina di Catania, Massimiliano Giammuso, together with his council, decided to intervene immediately with the population of his town, calling on the various local Caritas (charity organizations) and volunteer associations to meet the immediate needs of people. Among the organizations and associations called was ADRA Italia, with its headquarters in Catania, which immediately took action to participate in the rescue.

With the important financial contribution of the municipality, and other funding received from the national ADRA Network, it was possible to buy and deliver basic necessities to 42 families, several times, during the months of April and May. Local shopkeepers and supermarkets also participated with solidarity carts, where citizens who wanted to donate put in food items to give to those in need.

In the meantime, ADRA Catania (Sicily) received several requests for help from the most diverse backgrounds, through members, friends, acquaintances, and word of mouth—and these, too, through national and local ADRA—allowing to provide for a total of 22 families.

Finally, the 40 families that ADRA Catania normally assists as local ADRA, continued to be assisted through the important contribution of the Food Bank.

In total, ADRA Catania found itself delivering food to 104 families in the area. Normally, the families go and pick up the food package but, at that time, during the lockdown, being forbidden to move from their municipality, all the deliveries of these months were made at home. The commitment of the volunteers was therefore indispensable. The normal volunteers were joined by 7 people who, not being able to work, willingly helped to deliver the parcels.

Some also brought food to donate while others donated money to buy food and basic necessities.

"In this particular historical period that we have lived through, we have perceived that, in the moment of need, people want to help, collaborate, and contribute in every possible way", so one of the volunteers of ADRA Catania.

Then, the municipalities began to hand out shopping vouchers, but not all of them were included, according to the allocation criteria, so ADRA volunteers still helped where they thought it was necessary. The lay-off fund was late in arriving and several families, until then self-sufficient, began to drown.

"At the end of the period, we are finding ourselves with a few more families than in the previous period, because several workers are waiting to return to work, and also with new friends who have met ADRA Italy and its volunteers", so the local coordinator of ADRA Catania.

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