1.047 people got help in the 25th week of project “HUMANITARIAN SUPPORT COVID-19”

1.047 people got help in the 25th week of project  “HUMANITARIAN SUPPORT COVID-19”

(credit: ADRA Romania)

September 15, 2020 | Bucharest, Romania. | ADRA Romania.

In the 25th week of implementation of the project "Humanitarian Support COVID-19", the ADRA team reached out to 1,047 people, of which 798 adults are fighting to ensure decent living conditions, 168 single elderly with acute subsistence needs, 70 children from disadvantaged backgrounds but who have exceptional academic results, 9 victims of domestic violence and 2 immigrants.

Because of the specific needs generated or accentuated by the COVID-19, on its 25th week, ADRA project “Humanitarian Support COVID-19”, was specialized and adapted to specific needsand benefited 1,047 people, as follows: 956 people received basic food for a decent living and to be able to get through the presentcrisis more easily, of which 75 received a hot meal at home every day; 50 newborns received baby kits and help at the beginning, according to needs; 27 people were helped with shelter; 14 benefited from social assistance and psychological crisis counselling.

"The ADRA motto, ‘Justice, Compassion, Love’ continues to resonate throughout this virus that persists on following us”, said Bogdan Stănică, Project Managerof ADRA Romania. The will and determination of our team members are making ADRA a formidable challenger, a link between the lives of the beneficiaries and normality, as well aș the long-awaited support. Despite all the difficulties, ADRA manages to face the challenges, instilling in the team a formidable friend of hope for the beneficiaries", said Bogdan Stănică.

If we look at the integration of victims of domestic violence during this epidemic in the labour market or even only in social integration, things are not in favour of our beneficiaries”, said George Mitroi, Social Worker at ADRA Romania. As it is known, the social/economic condition added to the closure of some businesses, has done nothing but make it difficult to get a job. However, ADRA Romania handles it well by facilitating access to various programs on development, by providing courses to open new perspectives to the beneficiaries who find it increasingly difficult to work" so George Mitroi.

Since 1990, ADRA Romania has been involved in special projects to provide care for beneficiaries in the whole country. Introducing the project under the motto “Justice. Compassion. Love.” ADRA Romania brings joy and hope to the elderly promoting better value and human dignity in the future. As the provider of accredited social services, ADRA Romania is a part of the International network, the global humanitarian organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, one of the most wide-spread non-governmental organizations in the world, being active in more than 130 countries and is implemented after the philosophy that caring combines compassion with a practical spirit, addressing people in need, without looking to race, ethnicity, political orientation or religion, just a human service to help coexist in the world as planned.

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