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Photo: (credit: Hector Belvedere)

Pastor Daniel Belvedere passed away

On October 3, 2020 at 7.30 p.m., the faithful soldier of the Lord took his rest in the Lord.

Pastor Daniel Belvedere passed away


Pr. Daniel Belvedere was born on June 6, 1938, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was baptized on April 26, 1952, in the church of Florida. He then graduated in theology on November 30, 1959, from the Adventist College of La Plata.

Pastor Belvedere’s desire was to create a large family, and so he did. On January 13, 1960, he married Laura Casali, whom he loved so much. God blessed them with three children: Carlos, Hector, and Silvia.

Following Jesus' example, he was a carpenter who loved and was passionate about evangelism. His ministry began in Argentina, in January 1960, as a district pastor. His first churches were in Villa Mercedes and Mendoza.

During the first part of his ministry, he served as an evangelist in the field of the South American division. Afterwards, he served the Church as professor of theology at the Adventist College of Plata and later at the Adventist University of Plata.

His mission finally led him to Europe, where he served as Director of the Personal Ministries and Sabbath School in the Euro-African division, located in Switzerland (today, Inter-European Division).

He retired in 2004 and moved back with his wife, Laura, to Libertador San Martino, in South America.

Adventist leaders in Argentina reflect on him: “A ‘soldier of the Lord’ rests now, someone who has left his footprints on the Church and the pastoral body. There is great sadness for this loss, but there is confidence and hope in Jesus' return and Pastor Belvedere’s resurrection. Let us unite in prayer for the family and let us find consolation in the promise of the Word of the Lord:

‘Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on. Yes, says the Spirit, they will rest from their works, for their works with them continue’ (Revelation 14:13).”

“The first time I met Daniel and listened to him, he immediately gave me the impression of being a person with a clear vision and a pragmatic approach,” reflected Paolo Benini, Adventist Mission Director in the Inter-European Division. “He gave the impression to be a strong person but, at the same time, very humble. His messages were always focused on the second coming of Jesus Christ. He deeply hoped to see Jesus return while he was still alive…he will meet Him instead at his resurrection!”

Mario Brito, President of the Inter-European Division, commented with great sadness: “Pastor Daniel Belvedere was a skilled evangelist and dedicated missionary. He was hard worker, who spent most of his ministry doing mission work as a pastor, evangelist, teacher, and department leader at conference, union, and division levels. His work as the director of the SSPM Department at the EUD, from 1995 to 2004, was much appreciated and fruitful.”

Finally, the moving testimony of Hector Belvedere, one of Pastor Belvedere’s children: “My father taught me to love God and put passion in everything I do. From him, I learned about effort, commitment, and a sense of equity, justice, and humility. From Daniel Belvedere,” continued Hector, “the brightest and creative mind I know, I learned to be strategic in everything I do in life. Think outside the box, look forward, and don’t stop because others think differently. Trace a plan and follow it, no matter how much effort you need to put into it.  And the most important thing I learned is to preach with passion because Jesus is coming soon, and there is no time to lose! My father, Daniel Belvedere, a father, a mentor, and a warrior, inspired me to do what I have been doing for the last 30 years.”

If you feel to send your condolences to Pastor Belvedere’s family, please use this contact:  hectorygaby(at)gmail(dot)com