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Photo: (credit: G. Uba)

New branch of the Rise and Walk Association opened in Sibiu, Romania

New branch of the Rise and Walk Association opened in Sibiu, Romania

G. Uba, EUDnews.

The 30th branch of the "Rise and Walk" Association was born in Sibiu on December 3, 2020, during the "International Day of Persons with Disabilities", despite the pandemic.

The thirst for relationship, friendship, communication, and love inspired over 50 participants, involved in the association, to be present and to inaugurate this event.

The event took place in the presence of Mrs. Tontsch Daniela, president of the National Council of Disability in Romania, who vigorously appreciated our valuable ties with the institution she leads. We participated in the start of the branch, defining ourselves by presenting the president of the association, Lucian Aldea, its vision and purpose.

The anthem of the branch, the dedicated poetry, and the interviews aimed at the president of the Sibiu branch, Mr. Mogheri Gheorghe, were moments of interest that were pleasing to watch.

The large number of volunteers, over 20, who declared themselves in the service of this newly created family, gives the certainty of a success in continuous development. All those present, from all corners of the country, will happily peddle a new success of love that comes to us from above and that animates us in relationships that heal.

The programs that will come will amplify our spiritual needs, looking for solutions, along with the joy of the relationships we live through. We can say that this approach is under the light of heavenly love from which we will always feed our lives.

May God help us!