Germany: Adventist kindergarten in Fürth to be opened

Germany: Adventist kindergarten in Fürth to be opened

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January 07, 2021 | APD.

Despite increased coronavirus-related restrictions, the Adventist Welfare Work (AWW) kindergarten in Fürth, northwest of Nuremberg/Bavaria, will reopen, as planned, on January 11, at its usual location. After only 17 months of construction, the day care centre (Kita) in the new community centre of the Adventist congregation was completed and can now be handed over for its intended purpose. It will start with the required emergency care.

Five years of planning - 17 months of construction

"It is with great appreciation that we can report that the urgent wish for new premises for the kindergarten came true after a total of five years of planning and construction and that the facility could go into operation," reports Jürgen Hildebrandt, head of the department for early childhood education and upbringing at the Advent Welfare Service. This was preceded by various considerations regarding renovations to the previous building. Finally, in December 2018, the building application for a completely new building was submitted. During the construction phase, after renting a vacant shop directly opposite, on short notice, the day care centre was able to continue operating with a group of 24 children.

Grateful for accident-free construction period and financial support from the city

"We look back with gratitude on a successful and accident-free construction period. Even the time schedule could be kept despite the COVID-19 crisis. We also experienced God's blessing in this," continued Jürgen Hildebrandt.

The city of Fürth made a sizeable financial contribution to the new construction and renovation of the facility. Otherwise, this project would not have been possible. For this, Hildebrandt says, a big “thank you” goes to the trusting cooperation with the city.

Advent Day Care Centre Fürth

The interdenominational Christian kindergarten will work, according to a cross-cultural concept, under the proven management of Andrea Zagel. In the newly designed area of approx. 940 m², distributed over two floors, about 60 children can be cared for in three groups in the future. Each group has a group room, a side room, a shared movement room and a light-flooded dining room with a view of the garden. The newly designed kitchen allows for freshly prepared and wholesome meals for all children. More information:

New Adventist community centre

The congregation of the Church of Seventh-day Adventists in Fürth has also received an expandable hall, new sanitary facilities, and its own kitchen as well as youth and storage rooms. The joint inauguration ceremony of the rooms for the kindergarten and those of the church congregation depends on when meetings of this kind are possible again. Further information:

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