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Italy: Adventist Retirement Home with two novelties for 2021

Casa Mia, the retirement home of the Adventist Church in Forlì, is expanding its offerings to better achieve its goal of caring for the elderly in a welcoming environment.

Italy: Adventist Retirement Home with two novelties for 2021

Forlì, Italy.Hopemedia Italia, EUDnews.

Green space

Thanks to an agreement with the Municipality of Forlì, two thousand of the eighty thousand square metres of the Parco delle Stagioni will be allocated to the guests of the rest home.

The green area adjacent to the structure will be fenced off by mid-April and can be used freely by the elderly. Gazebos and benches will be some of the furnishings in the new area assigned to 'Casa Mia'.

"During the pandemic, our frail residents were unable to use this park," said Fabian Nikolaus, general coordinator of the facility. "Together with the municipal administration, we have decided to dedicate a green area for the exclusive use of our users, until 31 December of this year.

Alzheimer's Centre

A bigger project will be ready in October. Some spaces inside the rest home will be used as a centre to accommodate people suffering from senile dementia and Alzheimer's, so they can receive specialised care.

"Currently, these diseases affect about half of the 82 residents in the home. However, the challenge is to create something original and innovative," explained Nikolaus, who added: "We want to take people's habits into account, and the proposal must be customised according to the needs of each patient.

In addition, the Centre aims to reduce physical and pharmacological restraint to zero in order to protect the person's safety. "By this we mean the elimination of barriers such as bed rails, tables in wheelchairs, and medication to prevent agitation. We will try to recreate environments, activities that recall memories, so as to channel moments of agitation into activities such as looking after a therapeutic doll, or preparing a meal, the so-called 'therapeutic kitchen'," conclude Nikolaus.

About 'Casa Mia'

Retirement Home 'Casa Mia' is a social mission set up by the Adventist Church in Italy, born with the aim of taking care of the elderly person in an appropriate environment, according to their needs and personal habits. The 'Casa Mia' Retirement Home is part of the worldwide network of Adventist institutions dealing with health in general.

'Casa Mia' is also member of the Advent-Care Network. Its Mission is to develop a European network providing support and expertise to the leaders of health organizations and services in line with the Seventh day Adventist health message and to share God’s love, through the example of the ministry of Jesus Christ, by providing physical, mental, social and spiritual healing and well-being.

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