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Kids’ Talents for Jesus

Celebrating 25th anniversary, worldwide Children’s Ministries awards for young Adventist talents in arts, poetry and media production.

Kids’ Talents for Jesus

Bern, Switzerland.Andreas Mazza, EUDnews.

To mark the 25th Anniversary of Adventist Children's Ministries, global, regional and national leaders of the Adventist Children's Ministries decided to hold, among other initiatives, also an Art Contest with the theme 'Jesus is my Best Friend'. The goal was to receive creative artworks from children around the world, poems and media productions that would convey and share the love of Jesus for all children.

Several children and adolescents from all over the world participated in the 'Jesus is my Best Friend' contest with their creative artworks. The awarding of the prizes in the EUD territory (Inter-European Division) took place on Thursday, May 6, 2021, through a Zoom meeting, with the presence of the General Conference director of the Children's Ministries, Dr. Linda Koh. During her talk she expressed gratitude to the children who participated "for the love they have shown through their commitment, talent and creative work. I am overwhelmed by this artwork that exude passion and love for Jesus," said Dr. Koh.

This event was organized by the EUD Children's Ministries director, Elsa Cozzi in collaboration with her colleagues from different Unions. "It is a great joy to see you, dear children," said Cozzi, "through your creative passion you have given us so much joy and happiness. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have contributed to the success of this initiative," Cozzi concluded.

At the EUD level, six countries - Italy, Spain, Romania, Portugal and the Czechia and Slovakia- actively participated in the competition, involving several children.

During the awarding process, all the artwork, poems and productions from EUD territories were sent to the specific jury committee of the division to choose the more significant and meaningful ones. Twenty-one particularly noteworthy pieces of artwork, were chosen to be part of the worldwide selection of about 300 pieces of art, that took place at the headquarters of the General Conference of the Adventist Church, December 2020 (in USA). The best artwork chosen from that special jury will be finally displayed at GC office and included in a special edition of a book especially written to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Children's Ministries.

All children from the EUD that participated in this contest have been awarded with a certificate of participation and appreciation. Their talents need to be considered and appreciated. They put all their abilities and passion in sharing an important message: Jesus loves all the children and He wants to be their Best Friend.

The award event, which lasted about one hour, was marked by joyful singing, thanksgiving, poetry and prayers. One of the participants and winner of a golden award for Art, Christine Mazza, commented on the event: "I was moved to see so many talented friends who, like me, wanted to express their love for Jesus through creative skills. I hope that through our passion and talent we can bring many friends closer to our Friend and Saviour Jesus."

About Children’s Ministries

The 1995 the General Conference session at Ultrecht marks a milestone for Children’s Ministries. On July 4, 1995, A. H. Tolhurst proposed a motion from the floor that the Children’s Ministries Department be established as a separate ministry, a separate department to better serve the church and children in their specific and peculiar spiritual needs. It was seconded and voted directly during that GC session, and Children’s Ministries became the newest/youngest department of the church, the only department in history to be recommended from the floor at a General Conference session.

The mission of the Children’s Ministries Department is to nurture children into a loving, serving relationship with Jesus. To learn more about it, please go here.