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Photo: EUD Health Dep.


Video premiere on May 15, 2021! A beautiful and inspirational video highlighting God’s wonderful design in Creation and the meaning of the Creation days and set-up for the thriving of humans, animals and plants.


Bern, Switzerland.EUD Health Department, EUDnews.

Scientific investigations on human longevity have particularly started to gain a large audience in 2005 with the Blue Zones Studies and the National Geographic article on the “Secrets to living longer”. Besides unfolding the factors to a long life, those studies also brought to our attention the idea of health span versus lifespan, by presenting healthy, energetic and active centenarians from around the world.

“The world’s longest-lived people don’t pump iron, run marathons or join gyms. Instead, they live in environments that constantly nudge them into moving without thinking about it. They grow gardens and don’t have mechanical conveniences for house and yard work.”1

Together with being in constant motion, they are socially connected, have a clear sense of purpose, eat mostly a plant-based diet, live a life close to nature and reside in latitudes that benefit from large amounts of sunlight.

What modern science is discovering and bringing to our attention regarding the factors to human well-being and longevity matches what can be found in the first chapters of the book of Genesis regarding the environmental factors, relational life and daily activities prepared for our first parents

On May 15, 2021, that beautiful reality of the Creation of the earth and its relationship to human happiness has been presented in a 45 minutes Documentary entitled “Health by Design” prepared by the Health Ministries of the Inter-European Division of the Seventh-day Adventists (EUD) with contributions of the European branch of the Geoscience Research Institute and Communication Department.

At the occasion of the Health Sabbath 2021, this video was a unique opportunity to remember the foundations of our life, health and welfare, with a broadcasting of the “Health by Design” documentary from several countries and in several languages, through Hope TVs, and social media.


“This video is not only original, it is also revealing an extraordinary message that God himself wanted to give us for our well-being. The message of creation does not only nourish our faith in God as Creator, but lead us as well to re-think our lifestyles. We have so many reasons to recognise the power of God, who not only icreated us as we are, but also gave us instructions to fully enjoy our life”, commented Corrado Cozzi, EUD Communication Director.


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