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Adventist Clinic La Lignière to celebrate 115 years in the service of health in Switzerland

On June 12 and 13, a special ceremony will take place in Gland, Switzerland.

Adventist Clinic La Lignière to celebrate 115 years in the service of health in Switzerland

Bern, Switzerland.Andreas Mazza, EUDnews.

The Domaine de La Lignière as well as the Clinique de La Lignière, located in Switzerland, were both founded in 1905 and are both owned by the Société Philanthropique de La Lignière, managed by the European headquarters (EUD) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

After 115 years of existence, the Clinique de La Lignière has just turned a new page. Therefore, Clinique de La Lignière wants to celebrate its glorious history as well as look to the future. Two meetings have been organized: the first in the chapel of La Lignière, on Saturday, June 12, with a special message by Thierry Lenoir, chaplain of La Lignière and head of the historical heritage of the clinic; and the second in the park of the clinic, in the presence of the authorities, the day after. On that same day, June 13, there will also be a guided tour on the historical traces of La Lignière with T. Lenoir. A historical conference will follow, with Catherine Schmutz, historian for the Canton of Vaud, and Eric Caboussat, founder of the publishing house Cabédita. The program can be watched on Youtube.

Location and history

The Domaine de La Lignière, located on the shores of Lake Lehmann, halfway between Rolle and Nyon, contains historical treasures, many of which were previously unknown. This estate is one of the few sites in La Côte that can boast a history that has left so many ancient, rich, fascinating, and uninterrupted traces.

In 1905, Dr. Perry Alfred De Forest settled on the rivers of Lake Lehman with the idea of founding the clinic La Lignière. De Forest was a visionary pioneer (see here on Youtube).

La Lignière is a place where distant tribes (Lacustrians, Helvetians, Burgundians etc.) settled for many years. Then much later, Baron Louis-François Guiguer de Prangins had a particular affection for these places which belonged to him. Even Voltaire, the famous French writer, historian, and philosopher, built a villa on the property because he wished to die there. Furthermore, the army general of Catherine II of Russia, Jean-François de Ribaupierre, described this place as "the promised land from which milk and honey flow’. Finally, the emblematic figure of Dr. Kellogg, inventor of cornflakes, blew on this place to establish a clinic that is still renowned today.

Renowned cantonal historians, a specialist in the heritage of La Lignière, and a passionate publisher have devoted two years of research to the publication of a unique work on the site of La Lignière in Gland. "La Lignière. From the Neolithic to the clinic" retraces, for the first time, the unique wealth of this regional jewel and offers some piquant documented revelations, notably concerning the origin of Cénovis. Thierry Lenoir—writer and head of the Lignière heritage, Catherine Schmutz—cantonal historian, and Eric Caboussat—director of the Cabédita publishing house; these three reveal, through their research work, the treasures of the attics of La Lignière, highlighting precious and little-known information from the Vaud cantonal archives, the Château de Prangins, as well as from Haute-Savoie, and even Saint Petersburg.

About La Lignière

For over 115 years, La Lignière has been working in the field of global health. The health institute was founded by Dr. de Forest, an Adventist physician and collaborator of Dr. Kellogg (inventor of Corn Flakes), who practiced hydrotherapy, massages and electrical treatments. Since the beginning, emphasis was placed also on the importance of physical activity, healthy eating and rest, to promote treatment and recovery.

After having hosted surgery, maternity and a nursing school, La Lignière is now a private clinic integrated in the regional and cantonal health network. It has 95 beds and it is specialises in cardiovascular, neurological, orthopedic and rheumatological rehabilitation.
In addition, it is also recognised for post-treatment, internal medicine and psychiatry.

The Clinique La Lignière SA is owned by the Société Philanthropique de la Lignière, (a non-profit association) which supports a vision of health in its biological, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions. The clinic is also part of the international health network of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, which consists of several hundred universities, hospitals and clinics as well as retirement homes throughout the world.

La Lignière not only has a clinic but has also developed over time. On the same site, there are two other entities that work in a complementary manner, namely the Centre de Santé La Lignière SA (a centre for physical activity, including fitness, group classes in the swimming pool and in the gym) and the Centre Médical & Thérapeutique La Lignière SA (a specialised multidisciplinary outpatient centre).