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Germany and Belgium hit by devastating floods

The Adventist Church, through its ADRA network, is committed to help and support.

Germany and Belgium hit by devastating floods

Bern, Switzerland.Andreas Mazza, EUDnews.

More than 160 people are dead and hundreds more remain missing after catastrophic flooding hit large parts of western Europe. A desperate search for survivors continues despite great obstacles and difficulties.

At least 133 people died in Germany due to the heavy floods across its western states. In Belgium, 24 were confirmed dead. Authorities warn the number could go up. Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, France and Netherlands have also been affected by the extreme rainfall, but have not reported any fatalities. Images showed entire towns underwater, collapsed buildings, buried cars.

In view of the images of the violence of the raging waters in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France and other parts of Europe, how could we remain indifferent?”. declared Rúben De Abreu, President of the Franco-Belgian Union Conference, in a Press Statement. “We want to express our support for the victims, their families and the rescue workers.”

“This century is marked by the unleashing of the forces of nature”, continued De Abreu. “Whether it is the intense heat that causes fires, the torrential rains in the middle of summer, or the virus that is shaking the whole world, we cannot forget the responsibility of human beings in these phenomena and the consequences of the massive exploitation of natural resources. What is happening these days is a vibrant call for immediate solidarity, but also for a long-term commitment to a different ecological ethic, with respect for creation.”

“Now is the time for our tears to tell a story of solidarity and prayer”, concluded De Abreu. “The Adventist Church, through its ADRA network, is committed to those who suffer, to alleviate, help and support.”