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This year’s Creation Sabbath is on October 23rd. Creation Sabbath is always on the 4th Sabbath of October.


Noemí Durán*, EUDnews.

Although Creation Sabbath started during 2009 as a reaction to strong evolutionary propaganda celebrating anniversaries of Darwin’s birth in 1809 and the 1859 publication of his theory of evolution in The Origin of Species, the Creation message is much more than the creation-evolution debate.

The creation is very relevant to our current situation. As we continue to suffer through the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are left confused and depressed. They need to know that they are more than the products of uncaring unguided natural laws. This terrible virus is not mother nature's way of making our species stronger. We do not have a “mother nature”, we have a loving Creator who made us in His image and who cares personally for each of His sons and daughters.

People who lost their loved ones need to know that our Creator and Savior is currently preparing a new earth where things will be as they were “in the beginning”. There will be no diseases or deadly viruses. Everyone will have plenty, nobody will lose their jobs or their homes. Our Creator will wipe away every tear and we will see those who left us again, and will live happy together forever. How can this not be relevant?

There is a lot to celebrate on October 23rd and many ways and styles of doing it:

  • We can thank God because we are fearfully and wonderfully made: Ask a nurse or a medical doctor to give a lecture on any aspect of human anatomy or physiology that sparks wonder and awe.
  • We are made in God’s image and our creativity in the arts reflects God’s creativity: Ask a painter, a sculptor, or a group of graffiti artists to create a work of art on stage during the sermon or Sabbath afternoon activities, or organize an art contest with a nature theme.
  • We were appointed by God as stewards of the planet, let’s embrace the role He created us to fill: Collaborate with an NGO or with your city government in some environmental activity such as forest or beach cleaning, tree planting, or a recycling campaign.
  • Nature is God’s second book and science is a way to study it: Bring scientists with different specialties to give lectures about their field of study and how they see God’s hand in it, or organize a science fair for the children and youth encouraging the theme of design in nature.

You can find many more ideas and multiple resources to celebrate Creation Sabbath at

Let’s all take advantage of Creation Sabbath to worship the Creator of heaven and earth and to share the magnificent creation message with a world longing for good news.

Happy Creation Sabbath!


*Noemí Durán is Director of the European Branch Office of the Geoscience Research Institute