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Spain: The Miracle of Creation

Madrid, Spain [Esther Azón Fernández (EAF); CD EUDNews]. Today I am not writing a story, but an account and a fact that has recently set us apart at the HopeMedia team.

Spain: The Miracle of Creation

Presentation of 'The Creation'

Esther Azón Fernández (EAF); CD EUDNews;

Madrid, Spain [Esther Azón Fernández (EAF); CD EUDNews]. Today I am not writing a story, but an account and a fact that has recently set us apart at the HopeMedia team.

There are many types of miracles and God knows the reason for each one.

Henry Stober along with his colleagues Judith and Luis, recently visited HopeMedia to sign distribution agreements and screening of his acclaimed film "Creation, Earth is witness." The film prodigiously shows the miracle of Creation through the presentation of a scientist, accompanied by stunning images in HD and an impressive soundtrack, but the greatest miracle is undoubtedly that which occurs in the heart of people who see this movie. However, we want to thank the producer for the miracle that God is performing in the life of Ivan.

Ivan is a non-Adventist young man who has a wonderful voice, he spent many hours working on the dubbing of the short version of "The Creation, Earth is witness" taken at HopeMedia. Recently, the entire production team was shocked to hear that Ivan was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome, a rare disease that ended him up in hospital.

Henry Stober went to visit Iván with some of his friends from the HopeMedia team, including our director, Pablo Sánchez. They presented him with a copy of the film that Iván worked on himself, the soundtrack, the full version of the film and the book Steps to Christ signed by the HopeMedia team.

When we arrived, Iván's mother was there, with such strength and faith in God, she told us through her tears, how her young healthy energetic boy lost the ability to move his body, all the while massaging his son's helpless legs. Before working in the media, Ivan was a clinical assistant and had devoted years of his life to helping the terminally ill: he was now himself a shut-in in that same hospital.

However, after the tears came peace, the report from the doctors were very hopeful about his recovery after the treatment they had given him. Ivan's situation is not life-threatening, he's slowly regaining mobility and with it, also the smiles.

As always, Ivan was very thankful for the visits and the affection shown. Henry Stober and Pablo Sanchez thanked him again for the excellent work he did in dubbing at the HopeMedia. They concluded their visit with prayer and left him happier and more peaceful.

In the afternoon, Ivan called us to ask about the presentation of the full version of "The Creation, Earth is witness" at the CEAS. He was very happy to learn that it had been a success. The boys' boarding lounge was filled and everyone enjoyed the high quality projection on the big screen.

From HopeMedia we invite you to join us in prayer for Ivan. Many people like him know God, but do not know His name. If it's true that "He who does not love, does not know God, because God is love" (1 John 4:8), then he who loves Him knows Him. This young man has many gifts and a huge heart. Only God knows the plans for his life, but we know that he is very special and that he loves to help and has always been in the service for others.

Soon the film will be released and debuted in Spain, solicited and promoted through the UAE pastors and HopeMedia, the official distributor.

May the miracle of Creation continue to produce thousands of miracles in Spain and the world, the first one being the life of Ivan. That is the wish of Henry Stober and his team, as well as the greatest desire of HopeMedia.

Picture: Henry Stober and the Staff of Hope Media visiting Ivan in the hospital (Néstor Escobar y EAF HopeMedia)