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Thank you, Elder Vertallier!

A short Interview with the retiring EUD President, Bruno Vertallier.

Thank you, Elder Vertallier!

San Antonio, USA.A. Mazza, C. Cozzi, EUD NEWS.

Harald Wollan, General Conference Associate Secretary, welcomed the retiring Inter-European Division (EUD) President, Bruno Vertallier to the stage for the region's report. Vertallier opened humorously, saying that the good news is he will no longer be president of the EUD and wishes all the best to his successor, the recently elected Mário Brito. He went on to share more good news, alerting everyone that the EUD booth is giving out Swiss chocolate in the exhibition centre!

The report focused on the Division's passion for God's Second Coming and how life stories are the strongest evidence of God's work. The video delved into the lives of people who are spreading the Gospel in a variety of ways. Stories included a lady who has made teaching sign language into a ministry and is fighting against communication barriers.

The EUD Communication Team asked Elder Vertallier for a short Interview.

Elder Vertallier, you are finishing your mandate of 6,5 years as EUD President. What was your most difficult task as EUD President?  

A division is very complex. You care about the fields and their local churches, the institutions, which are very diverse, like hospitals, schools, media centers, publishing houses and welfare organizations. You can imagine that we have to jump from one situation to another with very little time for reflection. Understanding all the components and make the wisest possible decision is certainly a difficult task for a president. Fortunately I work together with a team and the counsels of many are very helpful. 

Could you present the steps that determined your mandate? 

High values concerning the spiritual dimension and respect of the understanding and practice of the different fields have been the driving keys in my leadership. The church is not only about traditions and doctrines but the church is made of people with different experiences. I have to accept these differences although I sometimes fear that people reinterpret to their convenience the beliefs and make it difficult for other to be in tune with what I call a balanced perspective.

What are the challenges the Inter-European Region will have to face in the future?

Accepting each other in the church is still a challenge. Some brothers and sisters are more and more vocal. Prompt to declare their understanding of the truth they do not realize that instead of uniting, they bring a spirit of self-justice and disunity. There is still room in the church for dialogue and respect. Compassion and love are still and invitation from our Lord to live.  

Which is your major recommendation to the Inter-european church members, to the Inter-european pastors and to your successor?

Keep with your identity with Christ and His church. Be confident that Jesus is coming again and that we have to announce this wonderful news to the people around us. Think how much you can be thankful for the salvation we have in Jesus. Many others will rejoice and dedicate their lives to Jesus and the mission of the Church. Dear co-workers, pray for the Holy Spirit to pour His Spirit upon you and act as if He had already done it for you.

Thank you Elder Vertallier for your outstanding commitment and wisdom. May the Lord bless you, your dear wife Christiane and your whole family.