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Let’s Continue to Grow Together!

Official statement by the Inter-European Division regarding the July 8, 2015, vote to not allow each division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to decide whether to ordain women to the gospel ministry in its territory.

Let’s Continue to Grow Together!


Bern, Switzerland. August 7, 2015. [CD-EUDNews]. Following the vote that was taken at the 60th GC Session last Wednesday, July 8, 2015 which does not allow the World Divisions to decide whether or not to ordain women to the gospel ministry in their territories, the EUD leadership considers most suitable that the entire EUD family may encourage and express their deepest appreciation and respect for who our women – mothers, wives, sisters and daughters – are and for their ministry in whatever position they have been serving the Lord and the Church.

While we acknowledge that God has been calling women to the gospel ministry we still respect the decision of the GC Session not to allow World Divisions to ordain women to the gospel ministry.

This is not the moment for us to continue to hurt each other through unending and inconclusive discussions that may have the potential to separate us. Now is the time for us to endeavor to console the disappointed hearts, to heal the aching wounds and to support and encourage all women to use the talents entrusted to them by God for the benefit of the life and ministry of the Church.

Let us remember that since the inception of our church, the Holy Spirit has been honoring women of all ages and conditions by equipping and empowering them for the ministry through His most powerful gifts.

Let us remember that more important than ordination is the privilege of being coworkers with God and His angels in accomplishing the mission He has entrusted to all of us, irrespective of gender.

Let us remember that we belong to a World Church, whose 13 World Divisions have consciously decided, during its last GC Session held in San Antonio, to continue to grow together in spite of the pains of growth.

This is the most powerful message that we can send to our children and the World that we are decidedly committed to be true and authentic Disciples of Christ!