Camporee opening session: Fun-tastic

Camporee opening session: Fun-tastic

A Camporee is an event that most of the participants will experience only once in their life and they want to live it intensely, with all their enthusiasm.

August 13, 2015 | CD-EUDNews; Pictures C.Cozzi

Estavayer-le Lac, Switzerland, August 3, 2015 [CD-EUDNews]. "See you in Switzerland." With these words, Stephan Sigg, Inter-European Region (EUD) Youth leader, said goodbye to all the Pathfinders attending the Camporee in Rome. That was in August 2011. On August 3, started the 2015 edition of this international event. The opening session was a real festival of nations. Each delegation entered the arena, a Circus Marquee, shouting the name of their country... It’s a festival of happiness.

This is not a show-off of nationalism, and no one is defending the colors of their homeland; it is really the expression of joy to be a part of history. A Camporee is an event that most of the participants will experience only once in their life and they want to live it intensely, with all their enthusiasm.

Minutes after this exciting moment, calm reigned again in the arena. The Camporee was officially starting. The welcome of Stephan Sigg gathers the attention of all, drawing them into the program. "We will share a great experience together, here in Estavayer-le-Lac, and I declare this 12th Camporee session is now open," exclaimed Sigg.

The Swiss delegation, as the host country, gave their special welcome with typical discoveries and inventions that were made in Switzerland. It was a surprise for many to discover how creative and inventor the Swiss are.

“How warm it is here inside this arena, the warming of fellowship. I would like to thank all the organizers that made it happen,” said David Jennah, president of Swiss Union of Seventh-day Adventists, and quoting from John in the Bible affirmed: “Youth, you are strong because the Word of God resides in you. Put the Bible at the center of your life.”

The two hosts who present and conduct the sessions were very young, but they were quite comfortable on stage. This was something original from this Camporee. It is not so easy to talk in front of 2’300 Pathfinders who are watching you, and many adults would have a hard time under such pressure, but Julia and Tom seem to be relaxed enough. And the Pathfinders appreciated their cool spirit.

Singing is an important part in a pathfinder program, and the music band creates a good atmosphere, especially with the theme song, “Surprised by Grace,” which is linked to the topic of the Camporee.

Catching the attention of all the kids in the Camporee context through audio-visual means, the message is effectively communicated through video and drama, set in the biblical city of Nineveh. This is prepared and presented by a professional team from Germany.
"It was super, the story of Jonah in a modern setting" said Francesco, one of the participants, "you would have to be here to understand the meaning, it is difficult to explain with words.”

Every evening there was an episode from the life of Jonah, followed by a spiritual message from one of the two guest speakers. The first, Miki Jovanovic, a young Adventist pastor in Munich, Germany. Summarizing his messages, he explained, “The story of Jonah is the story about a God who is better and more gracious than anyone could ever imagine.” He then continues, saying, “This good God has a plan for us, even if sometimes we would rather run away…be surprised by His grace!”

The second special guest was Jonathan Tejel, Adventist Worldwide Pathfinder Leader. His messages aim to challenge the Pathfinders to find their way as he did when he was their age.

For further information from the event visit:, or on the Camporee’s Facebook page: or under the hashtag #AYCAMP15.

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