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ADRA Germany: Together for Refugees

'No subject has currently stirred Germany as much as the people who seek refuge with us.'

ADRA Germany: Together for Refugees

Darmstadt, Germany.Anna Lefik, ADRA Germany, CD EUDNEWS.

No subject has currently stirred Germany as much as the people who seek refuge with us. There is much discussion and speculation, but one thing is certain: No one leaves his home and takes such a dangerous journey without a valid reason! The situation is not only challenging Germany, but many countries worldwide. That is why for many years ADRA Germany, as registered Association, has helped refugees and displaced persons from anywhere in the world. 

In view of the Geneva Refugee Convention, ADRA Germany as a registered association provided and contribute for war refugees and those suffering political persecution, and their right to access medical care, education and social services.  Abroad, ADRA has been active worldwide for years in various projects. In Germany, ADRA has acted as auxiliary in projects on existing structures. At the same time, the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Friedensau Adventist University, the Advent Wellness Work (AWW - Advent Wohlfahrts Werk) registered association, and ADRA Germany, registered association, have merged in the alliance "Together for Refugees".

UNHCR estimates that there are currently nearly 60 million fugitives on the run. This is the highest ever recorded by UNHCR. Most of them make up the so-called internally displaced persons. They flee within their own country due to political persecution, expulsion and war. ADRA Germany helps displaced persons and refugees, wherever it is necessary, whether in the home country, the neighbouring country, in-transit or destination country. 


Syria and Iraq are among the countries with the most internally displaced persons. They have found refuge in abandoned buildings, temporary dwellings and refugee camps. There, people are exposed to a high risk of disease due to poor hygienic conditions. That is why ADRA takes appropriate measures to improve hygiene. These include access to clean water and the establishment of sanitary facilities. With the support of psychosocial care, those concerned learn to process what happened and cope better with their situation. Adults and children are encouraged to go through language training and education.


Transit countries such as Serbia are currently faced with immense challenges. On the one hand they want to help vulnerable people, on the other hand the burden of the rising number of refugees is increasing. Therefore, ADRA has partnered with other organizations to support asylum procedures, allowing access to basic information and providing medical and psychosocial care. ADRA has set up an information centre near bus and train stations, which serve as contact points for asylum seekers.


But in Germany there are relief projects through the existing structures of the Seventh-day Adventist congregations, as well as the Advent Wellness Work (AWW - Advent Wohlfahrts Werk) as a registered association.  These projects focus on the integration of refugees. A good example is the cooperation of ADRA shops in Stendal with the cultural and inter-generational network of Maranatha as a registered association. For all ADRA relief staff and volunteers of meet the fleeing people at eye level and stand by their side.  As volunteers of asylum-seekers, the ADRAshop team with their daily tasks help them integrate into the life in Germany.

All ADRA relief staff and volunteers meet the refugees at their level and show support for them. They stand by their side.